Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Pictures

Here go son Jim and grandson Jax down the hall last night to Jax's classroom. 
There are 8 kindergartens in this school, and two of them did their program last night. 
Kudos to the choral/music teacher... she kept the kids focused for 8 songs and 25 minutes, JUST RIGHT. 

That's Jax on the right, with a mask on his head.  He portrayed a 
monkey in the song "The Five Little Monkeys".  

I can't tell you how fun it was to see the kids perform and they all appeared to be having a good time, too. 

(well, not from this picture... but they WERE) 

Paiton was absolutely rapt, watching the kids.  I noticed that she 
tried to mimic their hand movements, and she sang some of the songs with them... she will start kindergarten this fall, and she is raring to go! 

I was rewarded with a lovely sunset on the way home.  I am going to try to 
take pictures along the road tomorrow morning... I have to drive through farmland, and it's beautiful at this time of year. 

Here are Moe, Fluffernut, and April. 

If I were smart, I would pair April with one of the Elvi...

with one of these guys, and move them on out.  She is just so very bonded to 
Moe... I know it's stupid but I just dread separating them. 

Here is a view of the dining room... I am still unpacking, and still trying to clear off the table. 
It is 66 degrees out right now, and the screen is open on the patio door, and 
as you see, things are blowing.  

And a view into the kitchen, where I've hung pictures, and where the hutch now stands where the big terrarium with iguanas in it stood.  

I love this house, there, I've said it.  I love this house. 
It is going to be a wonderful home for us. 

We are going to concentrate over the next several weeks on getting the other place 
emptied and repaired, and get it on the market. 
Yes, I still grieve in my heart for my animals and gardens, but 
we are going to make a good life here, too. 

I had lunch with friend Jill today... we had been trying since before Christmas! 
Not only was I able to eat a good lunch, but I didn't have any issues with keeping my food down, which I often have.  Jill told me about this guy: 

Jill formerly fostered many dogs for Border Collie rescue... but now, she and her husband, Calep, are doing transports.  They are trying to get this guy sprung from the Odessa, Texas animal control facility.  They are 
probably going to drive down there this weekend and get him... isn't he wonderful looking?  He is a shepherd/golden mix, and is about 7 months old.  Yes, I've quite fallen in love with him. 

On a more somber note... we are praying, Keith and I, for those affected by the terrible stabbing at the high school in Murraysville, Pennsylvania, by a sixteen year old student.  We hope everyone can stop and say a prayer for not only the victims and their families, but for the young man and his family... they will need many prayers in the years to come.  A terrible, terrible tragedy, again enacted in our schools. 


  1. People (including children) are such sheep. If a few of them had just confronted the guy from all sides, he wouldn't have stood a chance.

  2. i am loving your new place! that hutch is perfect there! are you going to adopt that sweet pup? what a cutie! the school incident happened about 15 minutes from me. all morning the helicopters were flying over my house in route to the hospitals. it sounded like vietnam.

  3. Mary Ann
    You new kitchen and dining area are huge and wonderful! Love the island and the big window,,,,! The sun light can come in!
    What a good time you spent with the kids last night!!
    And yes,, that dog is beautiful for sure! Wow!
    That school stabbing was just AWFUL

  4. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing them with us.
    Your new place is really nice, you'll be very happy there.
    The dog is gorgeous, are you getting a new dog??
    It is so terrible about the stabbings in the Pennsylvania school. Prayers sent for all the families and children.

  5. I love your spacious kitchen and dining room. How lovely to have all that space. Here I'm a bit cramped, but then I have way too much stuff . That dog is precious. How wonderful that someone cares enough to rescue him. Sad that there are so many that need rescuing. It's very sad too about that stabbing incident. Our schools are quickly becoming battle grounds. My prayers do go out for all those affected.

  6. Glad you got to attend the program. Everyone is so cute.

    LOVE your new home Mary Ann. You and Keith done good as my Redneck would say.

    He's a sweet doggie. Hope he finds a furever home.

    Sad....people are just seriously crazy nowadays.

  7. I just love elementary school programs. So glad you could go. Your new place looks absolutely wonderful. So roomy and light. Thanks so much for the photos!

  8. Ah those grandkids are sweeties for sure....we love that new house, oh what a big big kitchen!!!!!! Yesterday was once again a sad day in the schools.
    stella rose

  9. Mary Ann, thank you for your comment on my blog--I shared it with the three sisters who were part of the rally. You can find more information at,, and
    Sr. Ann Marie


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