Thursday, May 1, 2014

Random Thursday Shots

Happy First of May!

Do you believe this???

Still cloudy, however, we only had sprinkles today. 

The weeds are going CRAZY.  Even if there were chickens in the little henyard, they would soon be lost behind the weeds! 

The mutants, however, are doing fine. 

As are the wild birds.... I am still feeding them, though I expect to only do so for another 4 weeks or so.  Then I'm gradually going to take all the feeders down... and quit putting feed out.  It will be the best time of year, when there is plenty of abundant food... so they will be fine, but I'll miss them very much. 
That was one of my greatest joys at the old place. 

I am going to put up a feeding station here at the new house, but have not decided on where, yet. 
We hope to make a sitting area on the side patio... with flowers and a few vegetables.  I hope to be able to show you that sometime in the next two weeks.  

The feeder may go there. 

No more flat feeders, though... too much waste and spillage. 

See my companion?  She goes with me almost daily now... she has found that she LOVES to ride in the car, even on errands.  Soon it will be too hot, though. 

I worked in the shop today for a few hours, and drove over to it.  Lilly was studiously ignoring me, because we had run down to Sonic for lunch, and she had a junior deluxe hamburger laying in the grass out of sight, and was waiting to eat it.  She did! 

Those random tulips I planted everywhere last fall are paying off now... and surprising me! 

We should have some iris blooming within just a few days.  I noticed that there are lots of old iris blooming around the older parts of Tonganoxie already. 

I'm so glad I'll get to enjoy it!


  1. I look at the "mutant mice" in your pictures and wonder if they have some kind of mange?

    Love tulips and iris. The wilder the color the better!

  2. The "mutants" as you call them may have mange.

  3. Looks like we will have some great weather coming
    up tomorrow and this weekend!
    Have a great Friday.

    M : )

  4. Happy May..............!!! We cannot wait for you to make new memories,, They will come! I know it!

  5. Are you going to move at least some of the tulips and iris to your new place? Blooming at our house now : pansies, candytuft and columbine. Day lilies are growing quickly and some forming buds. Grass grows fast; I mowed again today.

    Enjoy May!

  6. Happy May! Can't believe it's May already, here's hoping for a lovely Summer for us all :-)

  7. I'm so glad you have a traveling companion to keep you company. Hopefully you can soon start spending more time at your new home to make it personally yours. The tulips and daffodils are brilliant here right now. No buds on our iris yet. But yes it won't be long at all.

  8. The year is flying by. Still cold here for this time of year!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. lilly sure is lucky! teddy used to love getting in the car to get burgers but not anymore and i have no idea why! happy 1st of may!!!

  10. I use to like feeding the birds. But, had to quit cause of the cats.

    Happy weekend,

  11. I know it has to be hard on you going back and forth will be better when the farm is sold....I just love looking at pictures of sweet lily!
    stella rose

  12. Mary Ann,

    From a distance looking at your weed picture, it looks like potato plants.

    May is upon us, time to be careful for the potential for more tornadoes................yes, it's the season, and I'm not looking forward to it one bit.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend, and remember to do a little something to treat yourself.

  13. The weather was better here for a couple days, but it looks like a line of showers almost here again.


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