Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some Succulent Re-Planting

I have taken a new-found interest in succulents, for some reason, 
after pretty much ignoring them my whole life. 

I've been transplanting some because I find they 
outgrow their containers before I know it! 

This is the container into which I transplanted today. 

I got it last week at Tractor Supply, and I love it.  

I really know how to style pictures, don't I? 

My son Jim drilled two holes in the bottom, because, in fact, it is not really  a 
planter per se, but a "holder" for plant pots. 

Because I was planting succulents, I was not too worried about leakage... but I did do this: 

I covered the hole with part of this morning's Kansas City Star. 

Here is what I have been using for my succulents.

Look at the roots when I pulled the plants out! 

Here they are after re-potting... you can't see from this picture, 
but there are baby aloe plants all along that center stem.  I am going 
to end up repotting this one again, I believe! 

Then, I took the empty aloe pot, and transplanted this plant into it
(fresh dirt) as soon as it was empty.  The leaves of this came off... at least, many did... and I stuck 
them down into the dirt, and believe I will get a bunch of little plants off it. 
Hope my friends are all wanting some succulents! 

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of the finished product. 

Oh, well.  

I am loving growing these... and am going to run out of space soon! 

Do any of you grow succulents?