Saturday, February 11, 2017

Walkin' in the Woods

The last two days, we have had 60 degree temps here in Kansas. 

I took the dogs to the Ag. 

For those of you who are new readers, I am a volunteer at the 

commonly called here in our area: "The Ag Hall", 
but those of us who volunteer there,  "The Ag".

I go daily to take care of the chicken flock there. 

As you see, I can let Jester off the leash, because he minds perfectly. 

He was wearing himself out yesterday, he runs about three times 
what Lilly and I walk. 

Even he gets pooped. 

And speaking of poop, I clean it up, just like the park. 

The Ag has a wonderful wooded area.  There was a nature trail 
through there 40 years ago, and last summer, Cabelas kindly donated 
money and persons to work on re-establishing a nature trail again. 
The woods are full of poison ivy in summer. 

Notice Lilly is on the leash, the long leash... but, I don't trust 
her to come back when she gets excited. 

There is a trail, as you can see. 

We followed the trail, because I had never been back in there except once, 
a very short way in. 

There are some beautiful large trees. 

We came out of the treeline and started towards the barn.  Those poles you see are the pole farm for Kansas City Power and Light, who has an international competition there every October. 
It is on Ag Land.  They keep it nice. 

We walked back to the event barn where Lilly had to have a good sniff at several holes. 

Today, I decided to take them back over.  We get tired of going to the park daily. 

I let Lil drag the leash, but watched her like a hawk. 

Look at all the fungi! 

Lilly was in her element. 

So was Jes, too, actually. 

My guess is in summer, this is bristling with poison ivy, but the trail as cut through right now is very broad and you would not brush the ivy unless you were trying. 

We went down a hill and over a small creek, which I think is probably roaring in rainy weather.  
It had a deep gully, but there was one spot to cross.  Down we went, and up the other side, but we could not figure out how to get through, so had to backtrack. 

I saw deer tracks everywhere. 

This structure is back there, and the education director told me it was put up 40 years ago when 
they were first cutting the trail through.  There is a trail over a gully that I think is safe to walk across (it has a culvert) but we have not tried it yet. 

More holes.  If you have a wild area/park, you have wild animals. 

Lilly had a blast smelling before she got in the car and collapsed.  

(laughing, but she was very tired). 

Both dogs took a good nap when we got home. 

I stopped to take some pictures on my way to church. 

On my way back, I stopped to take some pictures of four mallards on the pasture pond. 

And the gorgeous sunset! 

Everyone have a peaceful Sunday. 

(little ducks are on the right)