Sunday, October 23, 2016

Following the Road

We all have a road to follow. 

Sometimes we don't know where that road will take us. 

Through peaceful places. 

Up hill...

And down dale...

Sometimes, it's hard to see what lies ahead...

And sometimes, we must walk this last part of the road alone, without our partners. 

My dear husband Keith died on Monday, October 17.  He and I spent his final weekend, last weekend, here at the house alone, with just Lilly and Jester. 

I prayed for weeks that he would pass away in peace, 
and God, in Whom he had great belief, 
granted our wish. 

So, my road is now only my own. 

With family and good friends, I start my new life alone. 

I feel him with me here, though, still. 
It's a good feeling. 

One of my favorite pictures... and one of Keith's too.