Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September is Here

We just can't believe September is here already.  It seems like we 
just moved!  So much has gone on this summer, with Keith sick, Abby dying... 
working on the old place... the time has flown. 

We are expecting our 10th grandchild on the 15th... however, this is a month 
filled with family birthdays, so it will be fun to see when she comes. 
Little Hayley Kay will join her big sister Brynn Allison and 
parents Andrea and Nick. 

Speaking of Andrea, the beautiful fall wreath she 
made for us for Christmas is now hanging at the front door. 

It's a beautiful wreath, is it not? 

I need to fluff it up a little tomorrow. 

The kennels at friend Valerie's where I spent so many happy hours this summer with 
the puppies are empty now, and they have moved to Michigan.  Valerie will be back 
in three weeks or so to meet the movers and get everything loaded up... they will move the kennel runs. 
I miss those beautiful dogs! 

In the meantime, I am helping her out still, and went over to put the trash cans out tonight. 

Jester's coming has put Lilly's nose out of joint... she is NOT happy to be sharing her home and her mommy and daddy with another dog again. 

So... this afternoon... we spent some US time at the park. 

Reading the pee mail...

Enjoying the sunset...

Our red girl glowing in the sunset.  

In the barrels in the front, where the petunias reigned all summer... there were actually also 
some New Guinea impatiens.  Now that the petunias are failing... look at the impatiens!  I think I 
am going to plant two barrels with just impatiens next year. 

The coleus is still going strong... but the pot is too small, and it falls. 
Oh, did I ever learn from this planting... next year... look out! 
More coleus, bigger pots!