Monday, July 28, 2014

A Walk in the Park

Our girl Lil got to do something today that she had never done before. 
You see... Lilly rarely left Calamity Acres in the old days.  The only time she ever ventured outside the gates (besides being naughty four or five times and getting loose)... was to go to the vet's office. 

She hated riding in the car. 

Now that we have moved, she has gotten used to hopping in the car and riding around with me, but we usually go to the old place, or do errands, where she waits for me. 

So... Saturday, I walked the puppies with Valerie.  I decided to take 
Lilly to the same park. 

When we got out of the car... she checked out the pee mail. 

At the back of the park is the Basehor Community garden... it's wonderful. 

Pumpkins ripe in July... too soon. 

The rules for the plots were posted... and each person responsible for a plot is given a key to the water pipe for watering their plots.  The bed just to the left of this was mulched with a thick covering of straw. 

We made a circuit of the entire park once... and we will go back again this week.  2 1/2 times around the path is a mile... it will be good exercise for us.  
There were kids playing in the park... and that's good for Lil, too.  
There was also another big dog there, but his owner had him well under control. Lil has to get used to things like that. 

I thought you might all like to see Lil as she was 8 years ago this September: 

She was a naughty puppy, but a beautiful girl already! 

I passed this on the way to the park... sumac, already changing colors along the road.  Too soon!