Sunday, June 19, 2016

A New Old Library

There were big doin's in Basehor yesterday. 

An over-100-year-old library was moved to its' new home 
in the City Park where the dogs and I walk daily.  Because parking is so tight 
when there is a crowd, we waited until later on in the day to go see it. 

Yes, it's concrete, which made it even more of a historical oddity. 

I still have to find out all the particulars.  I like how they 
braced the interior. 

There is a better look at the bracing. 

What amazed me is that it was so small... in my mind, reading about it, 
I imagined a bigger building. 

It is called "The Reuben" library, for the family (I think) that built it for the town. 

As I say, I am going to speak with the teacher who engineered it's move to the City Park and get all the particulars. 

Look how beautiful the City Gardens are doing.  Every day, we see people working their plots, and people are already harvesting.  Most of the tomatoes look great, and people have been picking lettuce, peas, beets, and other spring plants.  Peas are almost gone now. 

Unfortunately, this is what the ground in the park looks like now, where just a few weeks ago it was so muddy.  

The gardeners are each given a key to the standpipe when they register, so they can water their plots. 

This is growing in a pot on my patio!  It's so cheery I have let it grown, it will be finished soon enough. 

Callibrachoa... I was really drawn to these colors this year. 

I'm watering daily now, but it's paying off! 

An early doctor's appointment is calling me to get off the computer early tonight. 

I hope all the dads had a great Father's Day out there!