Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Really Hot Thursday

The "feel like" temp for our area today is 103 degrees! 


And I admit we are all trying to stay inside and take it easy... except for Keith, 
who has been out at the old place for the last hour and a half, working on putting Kilz on the 
floors prior to carpeting. 

Lil has the right idea! 

Lil had to make yet another trip to see Dr. Scott today... she has a bad right front paw, and 
it was time to see what was going on.  Despite shaving the paw clean of hair and inspecting it under light, we 
could not find an embedded burr or glass or splinter... so... she had a shot for inflammation, and is now 
back on antiobiotics for five days, with us watching her closely for more problems. 

An expensive month for Lilly Ann. 

We had our fourth-to-the-last baseball game at the T Bones last night, and that's a sign 
that summer is almost over.  They won. 
We particularly like to watch the field guys mark the field and do other maintenance before the games. 

As the crew wet the field down, a group of ladies from Curves entertained us in the background with some dance routines. 

It was a hot, but beautiful, night...and we won. 

I am trying to keep the zinnias and marigolds going for a while longer... and they are getting watered several times a day. 

BUT.... look what's for sale at WalMart now!