Friday, December 8, 2017

Bright, Sunny, December Days

I am not bemoaning the lack of snow around here, 
though evidence of climate change is everywhere to see. 

It was not uncommon to have snow in Northeast Kansas as early as 
Halloween, when I was a child and when my kids were young. 

We have been promised snow flurries several times, but have 
yet to see them, we are lacking in rain, 
and only now are seeing those 
frigid December temps. 

Most of our days have been bright, so far. 

(and I write this while thinking of praying for those affected by the dreadful fire storms in California) 

Sorry about the shadow.... but I went to see Keith on Wednesday. 

Our second Christmas without him... time does fly.  He would be so 
proud of his grandkids and so amazed at the addition of twins this year 
from daughter Andrea. 

By the time I got home from the cemetery, it had clouded up 
and really looked like rain. 

It didn't. 

This is cheesy potato soup made from four ingredients.  I can't tell you how good it was!

Here is the link to "Jamie Cooks It Up", whom I have been 
following for about five years.

My gosh, it's good soup made with Potatoes O'Brien in a bag. 


Some days it's exceedingly hard to post. 

I got my tree up... or put together. 

It's very simple this year, and I did not 
use traditional Christmas colors. 

It's been on the floor twice since, and some of the bulbs were 
broken.  I got them at Sunflower Sisters in Leavenworth, 
so I will run up next week and get another package (they are handmade). 


Twinkle gets put into Kitten Jail when he gets too wild. 

Kitten Jail is my office, believe me, he is in the 
lap of luxury when he is in jail. 

Someone is sleeping in the closet of the old henhouse. 

I am no longer seeing Kittens Three and Four of my ferals, 
but I have seen Harlequin and Spooky on four of the last five days. 

You can barely see her, but Harley is in the rafters to the left
of Spooky.  They were waiting for me to put their breakfast down. 

My kitchen window vignette for Christmas.  I have always 
used gold, never silver, at Christmas.  This year I have been 
using silver and white and I love it!  I tried for three days to get a picture 
of this glowing in the sun, and could not get a good one til night fell yesterday. 

I love this window that looks out over the pasture. 

He is waiting for me, but he has not actually attacked in two days. 


The four buff hens from the ag are coming home here, as we are dispersing the flock. 

We will start again next year.  These were such late babies this year they are still 
six weeks away from laying. 

I should have brought them home in pairs, I brought this single the other day, 
and the bigger hens have been beating up on her.  I caught her last night and put her in, 
I hope I don't have to do it tonight. 

And, speaking of the Ag, I have to run back down there and make sure the girls there have water for the night, their heater base has quit working, and their water was frozen this morning. 
I set them up for the day, but am going to run back over and make sure they are good to go for a while tonight. 

I hate to buy another base when we are dispersing the flock next week. 

Lilly spent an hour outside this afternoon, and now is back in 
to take a nap.  This loveseat in my bedroom (originally intended for 
the recycle station) has proved so useful, Lil sleeps at the foot of the bed at 
night but can still jump up on this, and I often find her there in the morning. 

I use it for reading, it's still so comfortable, and tomorrow night, I'll have Paiton and Jax and 
I'll read while they decorate cookies and watch tv. 

So innocent.  


One more bowl and I'm gone.