Monday, October 20, 2014

Another Beautiful October Day

The volunteer zinnias at the old place are starting to fade, finally. 

So I am going to take an envelope out there and collect seeds later this week. 
I want some more of these huge blooms. 

They might not bloom like this again, because they may be F1 Hybrids... 
but we will see.  That's the fun of gardening. 

This is a mess of burrs in the pasture.  I put Roundup on them the other day. 

They HURT! 

Troy could not mow them because there is chicken wire caught in that grass, 
so next week... I'm going to sit on the ground and cut it out, piece by piece, until it's all gone. 

After spending the day at the hospital with Keith, I loaded the dogs into the car as soon as I got here, and off we went to Basehor City Park.  The dogs have to stay leashed here, of course, and they pulled me all over... and tonight I am VERY tired.  So... we walked back to the car, and in we hopped, and we went ahead and went to the old house. 

They ran and ran...

I swear this guy does not know how to do anything unless it's full tilt boogie. 

They both had a roll in the same spot. 

While they ran, I carted all those vines from yesterday to the burn pile. 
Yes, we have decided to burn, because the pasture is so soft right now. 
We are afraid the truck will get stuck. 

I have some little miscellaneous things that need to be done out in the yard and in the henhouses, and I'm going to enlist Jacob's help again this week, barring any complications with Keith's care. 

Yes, he is still in (five days) and no, we don't have A Plan yet, but the doctors are working on it. 

Jester got to go in the old henhouse for the first time... it is so desolate, full of spiderwebs and a nasty mouse smell.  Sad.  Yes, it makes me sad.  I miss them. 

But look at this... the Virginia Creeper on our dying walnut!  Wow! 
Gorgeous in the sun. 

All of your prayers and kind wishes are so appreciated while we try to be patient and 
wait for the doctors to tell us what they think will help Keith best.