Saturday, April 19, 2014

Holy Saturday

A fast post tonight, as I have managed to catch 
the flu, or something LIKE it.  Headachy, sore throat... I am 
going to go to the last Holy Week Service tonight and sit in the back of the church, where I can get up and get out if I need to. 

We had a soccer game this morning for Grandson Jacob.  His team won, 13-0... so rather lopsided.  I felt sorry for the other team. 

I would show you a picture of the action, but I don't know where my camera is!

I'm posting this picture at the feed store this week, in hopes of giving away the 3 Elvi.  
I'm praying!  

If this doesn't work, I'll load them into a crate, and go over and sit in the parking lot next Saturday. 

I may have gotten a lead on someone who will take Moe and his two girls.  Crossing my fingers. 
Then Chris and I can clean the henspa out and close it up. 

Here are two of the three little birds.  If I were to offer April, the blue hen, with one of the blue roosters... they would be gone in a second.  She is very bonded to Moe... but I will do that if I have to. 

Empty nest box. 

Because the two girls are laying on the floor! 

I can tell you that I have NO CLUE what these strap like leaves are! 
Could they be allium?  I have never grown it, and I planted allium bulbs last fall. 
I notice that my wood phlox (creeping phlox( in the next box over is almost gone... there used to be a big patch there. 

However, tulips are now beginning to bloom all around the yard!
I'll have to go a year without lots of flowers, but I hope by next year to get going again! 

Abby is doing much better... she is getting her shots regularly, and will soon be on a special diet. 
We are so glad she is getting back to normal!

Everyone have a wonderful Easter!