Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Here is the basement this morning. 
The light that normally hangs to the right of this room was removed for the repairs, so it 
looks dark. 

I also noticed this afternoon that the cloth couch is 
not smelling very well.  It is shoved into the next room of the basement, but we were told that it could be cleaned (or replaced). 

Here is the same room this evening, with one coat of paint on. 

Keith has some qualms... there was quite a bit of new drywall put on the lower walls... and Keith (and I) are not sure that a primer/paint was used.  He will be home tomorrow afternoon and 
will demand to check. 

This color came out more.... PUMPKIN... than I expected.  It was supposed to be 
the yellow side of tan. 

The supervisor worked here alone today, but when I asked what time he would be here 
in the morning, he informed me he would not be coming, but the two younger men who were here yesterday, would.  I am a little concerned, and I admit it. 

The carpenter came, but there was a huge mixup about the trim... and now we are waiting on that. 

Our first ripe tomato of the year.  I didn't quite make it by the Fourth of July. 

I have positioned it so that you cannot see that it has blossom end rot on the bottom... however, we 
will still eat this. 

There are lots more behind it, and some of good size. 

We now have a bird feeding station.  I did not fill the mixed feeder very full, as you can see... and there is a hummingbird feeder there too, you can barely see it in between the other two (a red top).  
It did not take long for the sparrows to find it.  

I noticed an empty feeder at the hospital today, so a bag is going with me when 
I go to have lunch with my brother tomorrow. 

And.... drumroll..... guess who gets to come home tomorrow afternoon?
Looking MUCH better, Keith! 

I'll be so glad to have him home, and so will Lilly!