Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A New Trail

The dogs and I have found a new trail, one I think we are going to enjoy a lot! 

We walked this morning at Kelly Grove in the woods, but 
I knew that the Lansing Fall Festival was moving from 
Kelly Grove to the Angel Falls Trail, which was just opened a few months ago. 

Over the last year or so, I often saw crews working as I drove through Lansing on the way to the grocery store, but didn't realize what they were doing. 

It was this: 

A trail through the woods. 
Not just a trail, but a PAVED ten foot wide trail. 

Both Jester and Lilly appeared to enjoy it! 

We had just seen a deer on the left when Lilly stopped. 

You see that the path is easy to walk. 

We will still be going to Kelly Grove... but we will come here, too. 

There were trails going off into the woods, made by animals... not for us. 

This is the actual Angel Falls... remember, we have not had rain in weeks... 
and the reason you are looking at it through the bridge rails is because I am so clumsy, I was afraid I would drop my phone in the creek! 

I will go next week without the dogs, and take some pictures with the good camera. 
I can't hold onto the dogs and take pictures. 

Keith is also going to come over and walk with me... he is not able to walk fast anymore, but 
this pathway is so good, I think he can do it. 

There is also a garden bench and nice sitting area next to the bridge. 

Tomorrow, I drive to Garnett (after our morning walk) to pick Chris up, so he can help us for a few days 
We have a birthday party on Saturday, a concert Saturday night, 
and Sunday is the church bazaar.  Sunday night, Jax has his last fall baseball game. 

Chris will be working around here for us on projects we can't get to. 

He and I will make the trip back down to Garnett on Monday.