Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Results Are In

And....the Ancestry Test came back. 

Guess what?

I should have trusted my adoption papers.

62% Ireland

29% Great Britain

5% Scandinavian

The remainder : 

Trace regions. 

The weird thing is, my parents were told I was 
Irish and Welsh.  They were spot on. 

The five percent Scandinavian, according to 
Ancestry, is the influence of the Vikings. 

But the really, really fascinating thing about the whole 
test is the fact that my DNA brought up 
334 fourth cousins or closer! 

This fascinates me. 

You see, these are REAL cousins, people 
who are related to me by blood. 

However, I still have to contact Ancestry to find out 
how I build a separate tree for blood relatives while 
building my tree for my "real" family. 

Some of the DNA relations (I don't know 
what else to call them right now) are as close as 
3rd cousins, and they have pages and NAMES. 

I would show you the pie chart, but Ancestry has it 
blocked to copying. 

I'm glad I did it, but I need to call them in the next 
few days to see how to rectify this whole thing. 


I'm glad I did it.