Saturday, August 20, 2016

Weekend Pictures

Half-a-Weekend Pictures 

Keith and I got out and about today, first time in a while that we actually were able to 
go for a drive together.  

We have a big week of dialysis and doctor's appointments coming up, so 
it was fun to just drive around "like the old days".  We even went 
by the old house, just to make sure our renters were still there. 
(they were). 

So, some pictures... 

Gardens are all fading now... it's the end of August. 

I don't know what this foamy flower is, but I'm going to find out and plant it next year. 
It literally is like foam! 

Cannas are fading. 

But gomphrenas plow on... 

The basil is more subdued but still beautiful... 

Zinnia "Zahara" is also coming here next year. 

Even the dried flower heads are striking! 

I think my own patio garden is so interesting.  Those marigolds have become TREES. 
They are only blooming on the ends. 
The balsam on the right has carried on from ten year old seeds, I don't want to lose it. 
It has formed many seed pods.  

Also, see the planter with the "million bells" in the foreground?  If you will 
look at the right hand side, you will see that the marigolds have dropped
into that planter (which sat almost under the marigold barrel) and are now 
growing in it.  I guess we are going to have some late marigolds. 

So check this out.... this is the tiny planter the sunflower grew in earlier this summer. 
Marigolds also dropped down into IT, and are growing.  Do you see what else is growing in it? 

We are currently buried in tomatoes. 

I'm leaving it. 

Tomorrow I am making my last batch of pickles, and then the cuke plants come out.

In April, the maintenance manager at the Ag Hall bought two commercial turkeys, not 
really knowing about turkeys.  They are now too big to get out the pophole, and are trapped inside. They are my special babies, I call them Twilight and Starlight.  They have plenty of room to move around, but no important sunlight.  At least, I don't THINK they can get out anymore. 

I always have help when doing chores. 

A blue ribbon for the cutest calf in Leavenworth County! 

This is my favorite little pasture pond, almost dry. 

We got a little rain last night, but not much. 

The prettiest girl in the world, with the Maybelline Eyes. 

Our Lilly Ann.