Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Old and New

Before I start today's post... Keith and I are praying for all those affected by the storms of 
this past weekend and yesterday.... so many have lost their lives, and so many have had their lives devastated, and we pray God will take care of them as they start to rebuild. 

 We moved one month ago today, but the work still goes 
on at the old place.  Little by little, it has been emptied... you see 
some pictures that will be loaded for the thrift store tomorrow... and today, Chris and I taped off the whole house to get it ready to paint. 
Yes, the rugs are a sight, aren't they? 

I had to turn the furnace back on because we are having very cool temps this week... it is 47 out right now, and we are going down to 30's tonight, so best to be careful.  

We have the spackling finished, so on Friday, I'll sand and prepare for the painting.  I want to let the atmosphere dry out a little. 

This is the switchplate by the front door, and was always a favorite of mine.  It may come over here, in fact, and a plain white one be put there. 

Yesterday, I started dumping the planters on the porch, preparatory to bringing them over... but 
now it rained again, and I've had to stop.  We are using that dirt to fill in holes in the yard. 

See all the iris shooting up? 

These are shooting up, too... weeds.  These are filling the potato bed, and I need to get them dug up and turned over before they migrate into the flower bed to the right. 

Here are more, about ten feet down the potato bed.  

Ugh.  I'm going to take the little Stihl rototiller over there, and see if I can't till them all under. 

Why would I go to all this trouble?  

Well, I loved my gardens very much, and I would like to pass them on to 
someone who will love them like I did. 

I may plant some zinnias on this side... they may do okay in the sun/shade mixture this bed gets. 

I need to see if son Jim wants to do some weedeating for me around these beds and the empty-this-year vegetable beds. 

Look who are down from the rafters!  So good to see them... they are going outside and behaving like normals chickens.  For months, while there were more birds in the henhouse, they stayed in the rafters.  
I'm so glad to see them come down and go outside! 

I planted a bunch of tulips in the fall, and Angelique was one of them... she's so beautiful! 

You see behind her that I'll be pulling lots of weeds from this bed, too. 

Moe and April had muddy toes in the henspa. 

While Fluffernut was doing her daily business for me. 

These are the kind of skies we've had for the last three days....

And something interesting... Lilly Ann will no longer go in the old house, where she was a puppy and grew up. 

She's happy here on her new deck!


  1. I think Lily Ann knows this is her home now. Those tulips are so beautiful, that is something we don't have in our yard.
    stella rose

  2. i guess lily likes her new home better! glad you didn't get the bad storms. i heard we are in for a stormy season. it rained here a bit but the bigger storms move in tomorrow. when do you actually put the old place on the market?

  3. What a fascinating sky! Lily Ann looks quite happy on her new deck!

  4. Were so happy Lilly Ann is happy. She is trying to tell you that it will all be okay
    So much to do - to get your house ready to sell

  5. I'll join you in prayers for all affected by those terrible storms. Tornados are devastating. Glad you have some help there. It does make it easier painting when the house is empty though. Weeds to seems to take over quickly once Spring arrives. I've some weeding here to do too.

  6. Lots of work going on. I know that feeling.

    I was off on Monday and about killed myself in the yard.

    Was glad to get a lot done.

  7. So much work! You've really been busy. I would certainly take that switchplate. It's very pretty. You really are good to keep the gardens in shape while you prepare to sell it. Not everyone would be that dedicated.

  8. Hanging in there. Moving is so overwhelming
    Lily & Edward

  9. Well, it must feel really good to get so much accomplished. LOVE that tulip, don't think I've ever seen that variety before.


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