Thursday, April 3, 2014

Turkey Birds and Mud

See them there, wayyyyy down the road beyond the bridge? 

I had seen the big tom earlier in the day, but did not have the 
camera close.  There are open fields on either side, and a good creek. 

He was waiting for everyone to cross. 
Along behind them came a HUGE tom with a long beard.  He ran across fast, 
and across the field on the right, disappearing into the woods. 

Sorry for the blur, I had to put my lens of my point and shoot Canon as close as I could...

Most flew over this fence....

Except these three, whom I followed very slowly up the road until they came 
to the driveway you can JUST see on the right, where they ran in and ran through the yard. 
And back to their friends! 

Here is Keith behind the old house this afternoon when he came over to get the 
dryer we were taking to my son Jeff.  I had failed to tell him how soft the yard was there... I didn't realize he was going to try to back up to the never-used back door. 
See the truck on the right?  He was down six inches at least at this point, and 
even though my friend Mary and I had put wood under the wheels, he 
couldn't get any purchase. 

Heartland Tow had him out in about four minutes... whew!
We managed to load the dryer, a bookcase and a couple of chairs, with 
Mary's help... thanks, Mary! 

Delivered safely to Independence, Keith and I are having a peaceful 
evening.  I am going to go let the birds out in the morning and come right back here, and 
dedicate the day to putting away and breaking down boxes. 

We have had a little much-needed rain, and still have clouds out there tonight... 
so maybe a little more rain tomorrow.  We can use it! 


  1. Getting stuck is always so frustrating! Had anyone pulled off our driveway this morning they would have sunk deeper than that. We had a lot of rain last night and river is over flood stage. The grass turned green overnight. The daffodils got kind of shredded by hail though.

    Soon you will have everything put away in your new home. You may not remember WHERE you put it, but it will all be found eventually.

  2. Oh we see the big birds!!!
    That happened to us a few times!!! (getting stuck) and one time sank into the septic tank- NO FUN! Thank goodness for tow trucks!
    Have fun putting stuff away!!!!

  3. Mary Ann,

    I see those turkey's in the road. I would call the three turkey's Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter after I find my gun.
    LOL!!!!! Just teasing!!!!

    With all this rain, your husband was lucky he only got stuck once. No complaints about rain, we all need it.
    I just pray no tornadoes.

  4. we have tons of turkeys and we live right in the city. they are everywhere. the rain is just moving in now!

  5. It is always surprising just how soft the ground does get after winter is over. With melting snow and now rain I'm sure anyone here would do the same. Best to keep to the driveways for sure. Enjoy your day putting things in order. Happy Friday!

  6. Talk about mud. rain, rain and more rain. some major roads are closed due to the rivers jumping out of the banks.


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