Friday, April 25, 2014

Gonna Be a Big Weekend!

Tomorrow night, we will have the four bigger grand boys...
two are already here, having come up from Garnett this afternoon. 
Chris will be staying over to go to town at the old house with me next week. 

We had a gloriously beautiful spring day. 

I don't even mind the dandelions!

The straw bales that protected the ducks this past winter are sprouting grass now. 
They are so heavy, they are staying right where they are! 

I'm still planning on doing a straw-bale experiement next spring. 

Double click on this picture above... and you will see the happy surprise I found down in the 
wild corner of the pasture after I did the chores! 

See their little heads nodding at you? 

The first morels of the season. 

Here they are at home, before cleaning. 

Dredged in egg, milk, and flour... salted and peppered... no, it's not a diet food... they were cooked in butter. 

And, voila!  Ready to go on our plates, with a piece of steak, and green beans. 
Let's just say I nuked the baked potato a LITTLE TOO LONG. 

Keith and I are still dragging a little... so he is already asleep, as soon as he ate. 

And... as I reminded Christopher, who helped me do chores on the way home... remember... 
there are little worlds all around us, friends... be cognizant of them and take care of them.  
We put the lost baby back in with his brothers and sisters, and put the cover down over them. 
Even the wee mice deserve a chance. 

We are going to pick up our season tickets for the T Bones tomorrow, 
and watch a bit of the open tryouts... at 1 grandson Jacob has another soccer game, 
and after the game, Jake, and Jax are coming back with us.  We'll have an afternoon of 
basketball playing, frisbie tossing and Monopoly playing, and we have borrowed a couple of 
good movies for the evening.  After hamburgers we'll have lots of popcorn and soft drinks, and settle in for the movies.  

Sunday, our area is in the plains-wide severe weather watch... so 
after breakfast, Jim will come out to collect Jax and Jake, and Nathan and I will head for Garnett and see if I can beat the storms home. 

Should be a FUN weekend! 


  1. Hi Mary Ann
    It took us a minute or two -- to see those were mushrooms! Right?
    They did look good !
    Your going to have a wonderful weekend for sure!
    We have lots of rain showers,,then the sun comes out.
    We cannot wait to see what kind of plants are coming up at your new home too!

  2. Those morels look delicious! Hope the weather doesn't get too ugly for you.

  3. DO enjoy your weekend and DON'T let the weather stop you. I am glad you are having more fun and less chores : )

  4. Mary Ann,

    What an awesome surprise Morels...........I'm so very jealous. We haven't had them in 30+ years......ever since I left Michigan. Enjoy those mushrooms. Have fun this weekend and be careful with the weather.

  5. I hope you all are able to get a lot done and have a good time with those grandsons.

  6. i would die to be able to pick morels!!! they are one of my most favorite things ad good lord are they expensive! be careful with the storms.

  7. If those cooked mushrooms were diet food, they wouldn't be good--right?

    Our parents taught us to respect nature. I'd have done the same for the baby mice :)

  8. I just LOVE mushrooms but have never had morels. People in our area go CrAzY for morels.

    I am like you and would have done the same for the mice!


  9. WOW morels! How wonderful. A treat I've been wanting to try for a while.

    LOL, my husband would be rolling his eyes over the mice.


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