Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Big Winner!

This is "Oscar's Tree"... near the north boundary of our 
"front yard" at the old place. 
See that planting bed that has now buckled and lifted off the ground?  
I always intended to take it off there... but in all the almost-nine years 
we lived there... daffodils have bloomed at the base of the tree. 

Oscar, our first dog as a married couple, is buried to the left, where 
you see some taller grass growing.  
That will always be his tree, to me. 

Not to be outdone, the perennial beds are coming to life, too. 

Next week, I am bringing Grandson Chris up for a day, and we are going to 
move the planting things from the deck over here.  I have an area on the side... I will show you... where we will set up our container garden, and a table and chairs (which we already own).  There will be no 
huge tree to drop leaves, branches, and bird poop on them, either! 

This year may be all about container gardening, but as we move our 
storage building over, I am planning a perennial bed on three sides of it. 

This area here, outside the fence on the east side of the house, is level.  You can see where our acre ends because our grass is not quite as green as the neighbor's to the side and back.  There is ample room here for the storage building, and for perennial beds around it.  The only thing running through is old phone lines, for land line phones. 

I am trying to be patient! 

What is this, you ask? 

This is young Mr. Beach, who works at the Country Mart in Tonganoxie... the best store to buy meat in the whole area... bar none.... yesterday, I got a call from them to tell me that by using my loyalty card, I had won a "sack of frozen goods".  That "sack of frozen goods" turned out to be a box! 

Look what was in it! 

These were all in it... 

And all of this, too... my goodness!  
Our freezer is totally stocked right now! 

Thanks to Country Mart... I do use my loyalty card, and though we 
don't do a huge shopping there ever, I have patronized them steadily since moving here. 

Don't look now, but the Big Black Dog came back.  Lilly saw him through the window and snarled.  He proceeded to eat her dry dog food.  After he had finished, I went outside to lead him out of the yard (again).  He is quite old.  I don't know if he is truly a stray, or just another dog running loose around here. 
I have removed him from the premises several times now, so Keith is going to put a piece of fence by the retaining wall in front, where we should have run a stretch of fence.  

She looks pretty tough here after she went out to inspect the yard and make sure he was gone. 

And that gave me a chance to take a shot of the rickety back deck we 
inherited here.  It is not even... and the steps leading up and down are actually dangerous... they slant oddly.  I don't know if they were just built badly or have settled, but they are not safe.  
This will be the first project here... and as you can see, the septic tank is just by the deck, so we 
are going to have the new deck built to the right in this picture, and the old will lead onto the new (after being strenthened, or torn down and rebuilt) with gentler steps for the dogs and for us to get up and down. 

Don't look now, but I cut grass at the old place this morning. 
I took Lil along for the ride... she was not comfortable in the car before, but she has BECOME comfortable, figuring we are going from "HOME" to "HOME" and she enjoys coming along. 

In fact, after I finished cutting, I went inside to do some cleaning, and when I came out, I couldn't find Lil. 

Here is where I finally found her, under the side deck in the cool dirt. 

We waved goodbye to our friends the steers from next door, and came home to the New House. 

Where I'm posting with this little girl under my chair! 

We continue to clean and clear out the old place... but it will still take us some weeks. 
We ARE hauling things over... and going through and donating things.  We have too much STUFF... and we realize that.  It's time to let others share it, and who better to donate to then our own Good Shepherd thrift store, and the Disable Am Vets.  

The work will continue for some weeks. 

I am trying to get caught up on all your blogs... it's like reconnecting with old friends, and I am so interested in what you are all doing.  

We have received word that our little goats are doing very well in their new home.  I'm going to purposely put off seeing them for a while... right now I am just not ready... but one day, I will go visit them and I am very happy for them, believe me! 


  1. Congrats on winning. That was a nice surprise.

    Poor old boy.

  2. I am so glad you won those groceries!!! Every bit helps. I love the picture of Lily looking around the yard, and Abs under the chair......and Oscars Tree.
    stella rose

  3. Great progress.

    What a wonder win!

  4. Congratulations on the groceries! Lil will miss that spot.

  5. Your free box of frozen food reminded me of something that happened when I was in high school. I won a box of groceries for my family. The store had a contest going for certain number customers over a period of time. I think it's the only time I've ever won a thing!

    Glad to hear the goats are doing fine. Funny how the dog has decided car rides are good ;)

  6. So much going on ...excited for you my friend. Glad that you were the winner!! you deserve it!


  7. Mary Ann,

    Congratulations on your groceries!!!!

  8. What a nice surprise winning the groceries must have been!

    Looks like you are making real progress as the days go along! Sunday coming up. Are you going to a different church?

  9. Hi Mary Ann
    What a wonderful surprise to win all the groceries!! I see some things in that box- that look mighty good! All of it does!
    I hope you get your fence addition up soon so that it will keep strays out, Then Lilly can relax! I think Lilly will find a new place to rest.
    Abby looks might comfortable!

  10. Tie a note to the owner of that black dog to his collar. If it doesn't come back, or comes back with the note, you will have your answer!

  11. It will be such fun for you to get that beautiful big yard all situated the way you want it to be. It's almost like a blank slate to make your own. I do hope you get the deck fixed soon. Not good at all to have rickety steps going up and down.

  12. Your girls sure do bring a smile, glad to see all the moving is going well :-)


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