Thursday, April 17, 2014

How Lives Change

Here's our life now.  We will get used to it, believe me. 
The sharps container won't always be in the middle of the dining room table. 
Or the syringes.  

But until we get comfortable.... well... they are reminders. 

Abby goes back to the vet tomorrow morning for a check. 
She is very, very quiet today, and seemed perkier and happier last night
Not today. 

The frequent urination has slowed down.. and she has willingly gone to the door this morning several times. 
We know now she must have been bothered by her symptoms for weeks.  Oh, if our pets could only talk! 

Thank you all for your kind words and encouraging comments, both here and on Facebook. 

Marie, a new friend, has written me several time about her pug Lou, who was diagnosed five years ago. They have successfully treated him, and she has been very encouraging with me. 

I realized when I posted this picture that the chair on the right is one that Ranger and Gertie would 
lay and chew on at the old place.... how we miss them, but how glad we were that Ranger did not have to go through the bitter winter just past! 


  1. My friend had a diabetic cat that she gave shots to for years. Glad you caught it.

    Hopefully she will be 100% very soon.

  2. Its good to have the reminders right there on the table so you can see them! We do the same thing,,
    You will get Abbys diabetes all figured out with the help of the doctors,, and wonderful friends who are so encouraging!

  3. You are more strong than you believe and so is Abby. We all love you on here and that alone won't cure it but will help you through it. I am so glad you caught it when you did.
    Stella rose and momma

  4. Glad all is getting settled and your Pug is doing better.

  5. Best wishes for a speedy healing and new norm for you and for Abby -

  6. Yes our lives do change and sometimes very quickly. It's wonderful that there is help for your Abby. Years ago it wouldn't have been so. I have a few dining room chairs that have places the dogs in my life chewed over the years. Sadly there is no longer any dogs in my life. But I do treasure the memories.

  7. Hope all goes well for you... Such a sweet dog.. xo

  8. i hope things go well at the vet. i bet abby will be better than new soon! teddy sends hugs. okay..i am lying! teddy would probably send bites but i will pretend she would be nice to abby!

  9. Mary Ann,

    Good to hear Abby is starting to feel a bit better. Give her some time, she will start coming around and being
    the old Abby.

  10. Hoping for Abby to get her groove back.

    Make sure you are getting rest too.

    M ;)

  11. Abby may have her up and down days but you've got a handle on it now. It's a lot for a girl to adjust to a new house when she's not feeling herself. You are there for her and she knows that.

  12. I am glad that Abbie seems to be doing better. I had a diabetic dog that did very well for over four years. One problem I had was that he would sometimes not want to eat after he had his shot. I found that canned cat food and/or liverwurst usually spiked his appitite. I also kept a tube of dog vitamin paste that was very high in sugar. The couple of times he went into inuslin shock I could put a little of this in his mouth and it would melt and give him the sugar shot that he needed to come out of it. All this sound much worse than it was, it became a routine part of our lives.

  13. We have faith that you will get this figured out and soon it will be a routine. We will keep you in our prayers
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  14. Hoping that Abby feels better and stabilises soon, she is so lucky to have you as owners.

  15. We are glad things are improving!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  16. If anyone can do this YOU can.

  17. "Hopped" over after reading about Abby at TEAM BEAGLEBRATZ. I worked with two cats through diabetes and now, am wondering about a senior Chow I have. Regularity is key. With the TEAM behind you, all will be well. Happy Easter.


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