Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Good Weekend

We went to Grandson Jacob's soccer game on Saturday. 

Here's Jim and Nathan.  About this time, Jim payed attention to the man coaching in the background, the coach of the other team.  He looked at me and said "Mom, I think that's Jonas Dominguez!"

Sure enough... Jim and Jonas played soccer together when they were 12-13, for two years... lo, these many years ago!  Jim got up and went over and gave his old teammate a hug... they visited for a moment... Jonas had played semi-pro soccer and has four boys... and lives in Shawnee, a suburb near us. 
His team and Jacob's tied. 

It was good to see him!

Nathan was throwing M and M's up in the wind and seeing if he could catch them. 
Can you tell by Amy's hair it was blowing hard? 

This picture will show you a little better with Paiton's hair, as she tried to catch one. 
Her dad thought it was funny. 

After we got home, there was some basketball playing going on out in the driveway... as well as some tag playing, and a walk down the broad street.  Nathan, Jax and Jacob had a good old time. 

And after a taco dinner, Chris got them fixed up with the tv, and they watched 
The Hobbit, the Desolation of Smaug.  I tried to watch too, but the idea of the messy kitchen waiting upstairs truncated my viewing pleasure. 

We now have two nice mattresses downstairs for when the kids visit...

Yes, rather primitive... but fun for the kids who like to think they are camping out. 
We also have a spare king-size bed upstairs, and at some point, will have a sectional down here. 

Yes, the crazy green paint is still on the wall!  

Jax was up very early this morning with me. 

He went out to play on the swingset.  We still need to get 
some new swings for it. 

He had such a good time climbing... can you see Abby, tiny on the deck behind watching us? 

Because she did not get to spend the night with the boys, Paiton, and her mom and dad, went out and had a "Paiton afternoon" after we left the game yesterday.  That's not a binky, it's candy.  She got to go to Olive Garden, her favorite place to eat!  
I told her she and grandma (me) and Madison, her older sister would have lunch in two weeks together, to have some girl time. 

After breakfast of pancakes and biscuits and gravy... Nathan and I headed down the pike to Ottawa.  Sherie, the older boy's mom, was working today and suggested I drop Nathan off there.  I was so grateful to do it, because it cut an hour and about 40 miles off my trip.  Here were the ominous skies in Ottawa as we stopped at McDonalds for Nathan's lunch.  They had already had very strong winds and lots of rain. 
I had hard rain, too, on the drive down, but lighter rain on the way back.  In fact... the sun is out now in Fairmount, and the clouds appear to be moving.  I am going to listen to the tv and find out what we can expect weather-wise for a few days, as Chris and I have lots to do in the next days at the old place. 

Back to regular programming tomorrow, after this lovely grandkids weekend! 

PS Update at 4:40 PM

We are under a tornado watch until 7.  I guess these bright skies were confusing me!  

I'm sure glad we have a shelter here in the new house, I admit it! 


  1. We didn't get the rain here. The dark skies looked promising for a while :(

  2. what a wonderful weekend! stay safe and i hope the weather doesn't get too bad! we are due for rain for most of the week and we sure need it!

  3. Hi Mary Ann
    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend! Lots of fun with the kids!
    Their room downstairs is perfect-- a wonderful place to hang out.
    So glad you have a shelter when the storms come!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. I hope that tornado passed you by--

  5. Looks like a wonderful weekend there at your house. Hope those storms didn't get too bad there. It is nice to have a basement for shelter if we need it.

  6. Looks like a great time was had by all! Hope the tornado passed you by safely, we heard there was quite a lot of destruction, sending you best wishes!

  7. I am glad you have a shelter also. it looks like you had a great weekend wif all those grandboys....your yard is huge!!!
    stella rose

  8. Wow...that's one dark sky! Your weekend recap made me smile. Such a happy family! P.S. I still love flopping down on a mattress that is on the floor;)

  9. Sounds liike a fun but busy weekend for you!
    We were out of town for the first storm but had one of our own
    in Oklahoma delaying our departure time from there. But our drive
    home was filled with sunshine and nice temps. Got home
    in time for round two.

    M :)

  10. omg, Mary Ann. MS was hit hard by those storms yesterday. Lots and Lots of damage.

    We are okay, but a lot of folks are hurting today.


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