Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Catching Up

Well, my friends, we had a LONG weekend. 

Saturday dawned nice and clear as Keith left to go get the big truck. 

And we had a pair of interested observers from next door watching at the gate. 

Abby and I went about doing chores as we normally do. 

And then the big truck got there, and we started. 

(That's Madison and Jax) 

My son Jim and his oldest, Chris, did the heavy lifting, God Bless them. 

Jaxton carried out load after load. 

Jacob had had a soccer game that morning, so he, mom Amy and Paiton were late to the party. 
Here are the boys taking a break. 
(Jacob, Nathan, Jax and Chris) 

DIL Amy was kind enough to run the vacuum for us at the new place. 

We had barbecue for lunch, as we did two trips with the big truck. 
Then the boys and I went to Pizza Hut for dinner, 
and all four spent the night, playing video games on the 
tv in the basement family room. They all slept down there, too, in sleeping bags on the floor. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....

These are the eggs we have gotten in the last week and a half. 
They are all still lovely, though that is the last duck egg. 

I just wanted you all to know that we survived the big part of the move. 
Tomorrow, Keith, Chris and I will move one more big load in 
a rented truck, and then we will be left cleaning out and 
rearranging things that we are going to put in the next sale. 

I have started cleaning the house, and will paint starting next week sometime. 

We are continuing to put away, here at the new house. 

Tomorrow afternoon, I will run Chris back down to Garnett, 
but with our thanks for a job very well done. 

We could not have accomplished this move without the 
help of son Jim and his whole family, because 
we are OLD, (laughing). 

Keith's daughter Amber, sil Jesse, and boys Jace and 
Carson also moved on Saturday, into their latest flip, so they had a big day, too. 
We hope to have them over soon. 

I miss our little house... I miss the ponds, the frogs... everything... 

but guess what?  This neighborhood was platted on a farm, and there is a pond two doors from us. 
I can hear the frogs! 

I am planning garden beds... 
I will take pictures, and more tomorrow. 

(oh, and we have LIGHTENING FAST INTERNET!!!) 


  1. I loved that picture of all the boys together!! I am so glad you had lots of help!!!
    stella rose
    p.s. your new home is so pretty

  2. Your new home is beautiful! Love all the pictures especially of the helpers!! So cute! Glad things went well for you both. Makes it so much nicer when you have help! xoxo

  3. Every ending is also a new beginning. I wish you the best!

  4. Love the beautiful fireplace at your new place. I would have so much fun decorating that for the different seasons and holidays.

  5. your new place looks fabulous! are the dogs settling in? you are so lucky to have so many helpers! can't wait to see all that you do. the fireplace alone was worth the move!

  6. I'm happy for you, Mary Ann...it sounds like things went well! Your new place is beautiful...can't wait to see more pictures!

  7. We all must move on at some point & you are handling that part so very well. I just know that you will make the best of where ever you & Keith are. So glad you had family to help.

  8. Thank the Lord for small favors (internet and frogs) and large (family)!

  9. yay yay yay!! fast internet is wonderful,, and hearing the frogs at the pond 2 doors down is good too!
    What wonderful helpers you have! They are so strong looking!
    We think of you every minute,, please be careful!

  10. I know you are so glad to have this big dent in the moving process over with. What a handsome set of brothers! Remember that some things can wait and don't overdo it.

  11. I loved seeing all the pictures of your crew helping out there. I truly couldn't imagine moving. It is a lot of work. And from the sounds of things you have a lot to do yet.

  12. Awesome! Glad you had all the help.

    Can't wait to see more!

    M : )

  13. So glad you are starting to settle into your new home. I thought it a fitting last picture, the one with all your eggs because you wrote about your chickens so wonderfully.

  14. Congratulations on the successful move. We're looking forward to hearing about all your new projects at this new house!

  15. Glad everything is coming along! Lots of good help is always a very good thing!!!

  16. Mary Ann,

    It's great to have kids to come back home and help you move.
    Get settled into your new home and don't work to hard doing so.
    We look forward to new posts and pictures in the upcoming weeks and months.
    Take care of yourselves, sending hugs to you both.

  17. I am SO, SO, glad you had such great helpers helping you with such a big and demanding job, that's amazing. The house looks really lovely, and I'm so glad you can still hear the frogs. It's a big change. You must be totally exhausted probably mentally, emotionally as well as physically! You've made it this far :) Big hugs!!

  18. Gorges Smythe took the words out of my mouth, here's to the beginning, and the lovely memories made in the past!

  19. Lovely to see all your helpers, looks like a real family effort :-)


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