Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Signs of Spring

Tulips galore in a neighbor's front yard... I like this idea!

Dogs sleeping on the cool bathroom tile. 

Green grass in a beautiful dell, with a stream running through it, to boot!

Tulips blooming that I totally forgot I planted!

Morning sun shining on the ponds. 

Artemesia growing at the side of the new house... a happy discovery!

Calves in almost every pasture around us... what a happy time of year!


  1. My yard is starting to be in full bloom. I had 3 tulips.

  2. teddy sleeps on the cold bathroom tile too! pups are so smart. it's nice to see signs of spring!

  3. We need to plant some tulips at ours house also....we have lots of stuff coming up but our yard is real messy still.
    stella rose

  4. So pleased to see that Spring has arrived for you :-)

  5. It is a happy time of year for sure! I love the picture there in the country. I think I must need a trip out and away from town too.

  6. Tulips make yards look so happy! Just think of the many flowers you will be planting at your new home! Such pretty sights you showed us! Thinking back just a few weeks ago- everything was frozen!

  7. Kansas is pretty in the Spring! The redbud trees between Iola and Garnett were at their peak yesterday and I enjoyed them very much! Maybe you will make more happy discoveries in your new flower beds.

  8. Indeed a wonderful time of year. You captured it well. Enjoy.

  9. What a great way to describe Spring: Happy.
    Indeed, this is a happy time of year.
    Lucky find with the Artemisia growing at your new place.
    Maybe you'll find some more wonderful things in the yard as Spring progresses.

    Smiles :)

  10. That first picture reminded me of something a former classmate said about her yard. She was planting as many landscaped flower beds as her husband would let her get by with to cut down on mowing. Tulips are my favorite flower. You may find more surprises in your new yard!

    Funny how cats and dogs always know the coolest and warmest places in the house ;)


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