Monday, April 14, 2014

Can You Believe It?

The deck at the old house this morning.  Can you believe this weather? 
I know from seeing blogs today that people far and wide had snow, from a smattering to a few inches! 
Winter... LET GO!!!!

I filled that fortex with warm water, you knew I would. 

I turned the warming lights back on in the henhouses, just for the day. 
We are going below freezing tonight. 

Guess why Lil's on point? 

Secret got in the yard again.  I actually saw her this time, but could not get a picture fast enough. 
She is actually going UNDER the fence, in the one spot that the fencer did not make it tight enough, on the slight terrace in the front.  I brought a cement block from the old place to put in the place we 
thought was the most vulnerable... but I watched Secret try it until she got through.  Thank God Lilly doesn't realize she can get OUT.  
Keith and I are talking about what to do to stop this... we cannot have her in the yard, Lilly wants to kill her. I have never seen her react so badly to another dog... she literally becomes a snarling mass of 
dangerous dog.  Seconds after I took this picture, Abby joined her at the door, growling and barking.  
I slipped out and pushed the door shut behind me, and led Secret out of the yard. 
I barely had the gate shut when Lilly and Abby managed to slide the patio door and get out. 

The perpetrator, who is an elderly lab... she has a white face. 
And here is the rest of the story.  Secret belongs to my second cousin Kevin, who 
lives on the corner.  He lost his yellow lab last Thursday to old age, and was heartbroken.  He admits they have never been fenced in, but I would feel awful if something happened to Secret while she was in our yard, so something is going to have to happen to secure the fence. 

Abby wanted her out of the yard, too! 

Then, it was time for this. 

Keith's daughters, their husbands, and the babies came for pizza and to see the house for the first time. 
We had such fun seeing them, and they got their Easter baskets early. 

Baby Carson, the only one who didn't eat pizza! 

What a lovely end to a wintry day! 

Temps here are going to be going up and down this week... with down more than up... and 
I am going to be working hard at cleaning the old place.  If I can get 
the house finished , I can paint next week.  So... we make progress in leaps and bounds. 

I have been enjoying reading and getting caught up on all your blogs again... and living vicariously thrrough your 
gardening and animal babies!  


  1. Hi Mary Ann,

    Well, yes, I CAN believe it because we're expecting snow here tomorrow morning, 2 to 4 inches, along with freezing rain and a low of 35...CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!!

    The cutie patooties look like they're having a blast, despite the snow. Good luck with the fence - maybe it will secure the snow, as well!:))

    Happy Easter!


  2. No! Wasn't it in the 80s there recently??? Man, that is HARD on plants and animals!

  3. I can believe it. We have snow here this morning. Everything is covered and looked like a winter wonderland. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

  4. i bet your pups are extra territorial since they are at the new place?

  5. We had a dusting of snow yesterday morning, too. It was a blustery cold day.

    Perhaps stakes where Secret is going under the fence?

  6. I see I must have missed out on a lot here at your blog while I've been on break. Did you get moved? I'll have to come back when I've more time and find out! We went from thunderstorms Sunday to snow showers yesterday and freezing temps last night. Crazy weather!

  7. Ah those little ones are enough to warm the heart on a cold day :-)

  8. Mom Kim here - just came over from the Three Little Pugs blog and heard about Abby. Sending POTP, prayers and healing and happy thoughts for Abby and you. Just wondering - I read your post and was wondering if Abby could have gotten into any of that pizza or whatever was in the Easter baskets? And I hate to say it, but if that one dog is allowed to roam and then enters your - that could bring another health hazard - you just never know what health problems could be lurking out there. I do hope everything turns out well - PLEASE let us all in Blogville know.
    More hugs and healing vibes to Abby and you.
    Mom Kim

  9. Sending all our prayers and healing husky woooos for Abby,

    RA, Isis & Nanük

  10. Yep sunburn on Saturday and snow on Sunday. I can't believe your dogs have already learned to open the door. What a fun evening with family. Life is good!

  11. Mom Kim here again - just heard the update from the Three Little Pugs. Due to my disabilities I don't know how I could ever treat Shiloh or Diva Shasta for Diabetes - especially the kind where you have to give shots - because of my low vision and my hands quiver due to muscle weakness. I don't know anything about Diabetes in dogs - I know in humans it can sometimes be controlled with a change in diet and then oral meds but have no idea in dogs - I am sure you will learn all about it in the next few days.

    I hope this all smoothes out over the next few days - you are already dealing with enough. Sending hugs to you and Abby as well as keeping up the POTP. Shiloh'n Diva Shasta send Beagle Arooos (Beagle speak for feel better)
    Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta

  12. Mary Ann, can you try putting a piece of chicken wire or old fence wire flat on the ground up against the other fence.

    Beagle pens have a 1 foot wire apron around them that keep the dogs and rabbits in.


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