Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Abby Lynn

Our girl is very, very sick. 

She has just been diagnosed with diabetes.  She has a blood sugar of 465 as of an hour ago, and she has been vomiting and urinating and drinking water nonstop. 

Glaucoma has begun in both eyes. 

She has lost four pounds in the last few weeks... and a pound since 
seeing the doctor on Saturday. 

She has not eaten in two days, and the vet confessed to being worried about this. 
We have cut up some plain chicken (cooked) in some fresh food to try to get it down her. 

She IS laying here quietly, and she has had her first insulin shot... and for a while, we will be checking her blood sugar twice a day, and giving her shots twice a day until we get her balanced. 
We can live with this.  
We are just worried about getting her through the next 24 hours... as the vet 
does not have anyone on duty at night. 
Get her through tonight is my mantra. 

She goes back to the doctor at 7:30 AM. 

I guess I don't need to say that my world is rocked and I am very, very scared for her. 

Taken several days ago, when she felt better! 

Thank you for all your kind words!  

Thank you Georgie and Deb, for your help today and for posting for Abby's sake.  


  1. I'm one of those people who prays for animals, as well as people, so I will.

  2. Hi Mary Ann!
    I came over as soon as I read about your dear little Abby on Tweedles' bloggy and the Three Little Pugs' bloggy. I have said a prayer for Abby.
    Much Love,
    Mama Mindy of The Slimmer Pugs & Purrs

  3. My Momma's eyes are all leaky...we are worried but very confident in your ability to take care of her through the night...my momma said if you need to call her 100 times tonight you can!! What is Abs most favorite food?? Can you try that. I wonder if the vet will have her just on a certain food from now on? Was he concerned about her not eating at all. Everyone here on blogville is praying hard for you guys tonight. We love you much.
    Stella Rose, Margaret Mae and Angus McConnell

  4. Hope Abby starts to feel better soon!

  5. Hi, we just learned about your sweet Abby from our friends at Stella Rose Long's blog. Please know that we're praying for Abby! We hope she will respond to the treatments and start eating and keeping food down.
    Boiled ground beef with rice?
    Just an idea.
    Please feel better, Abby!
    Yours sincerely,
    Margaret Thatcher

  6. Prayers on the way for Abby. If your vet is still there, maybe ask about an electrolyte solution (like homemade Pedialyte) since she is drinking? I use it all the time with diarrhea and nausea, but have no experience with diabetic dogs on Pedialyte. Don't use the powdered form you can buy in the store. It can contain artificial sweeteners which will do more harm than good.
    It's possible that a warm beef or chicken broth may help too. The sodium in the broth can be useful. Talk to your vet if you can.
    Paws crossed that Abby feels better very soon.

  7. We read about your dear Abby over at Tweedles. I know we are all cats but all Abby's are very special to me, my beloved Abby is an Angel now. But I am praying for your Abby and I hope you are able to bring down her diabetes, because I'm sure you can control it once you get things balanced. ♥♥♥

  8. If anyone can handle this, it's you guys. But, saying a prayer for you just the same.

  9. Many hugs for you and Abby. Hope she starts to feel her normal self soon. My Abby is a cat, but she is my baby and I hate to see her sick.

  10. oh mary ann...i am so sorry about abby. if anyone can take care of her you sure can. i have had lots of friends that have dogs with diabetes and as soon as they get used ti the injections, they do just fine. when teddy goes off food i make her rice with cream of chicken soup. i hope your girl is feeling better very very soon!

  11. Oh my gosh! She just has to make it through the night. She just has to!

  12. I heard about Abby's situation via Deb and know that we are praying for Abby and for you! My SousPug had diabetes so it's quite the world-shaker but Abby and you can handle this. She's a strong pug and will pull through the night. If you need ANYTHING - just shoot me an email and I can give you the scoop on how to deal with diabetes and tips and tricks I learned along the way. Starting her off with a bit of chicken is a good idea. I also used to feed Wigg a bit of sweet potato (better than white potato - who knew, right?) Sending you lots of positive thoughts and energy and Abby - the JuniorSousPug says "Pug Power!"

  13. I am so sorry Mary Ann, I sure hope she feels better by morning.

  14. Stella Rose sent us over....Oh Yuk, that sugar stuff is no fun, our peeps know. We gots our paws crossed and sending over our prayers through the air waves to Abby.

    The Mad Scots

  15. Howdy Mates, we came over from Stella Rose to say we will keep paws crossed until your sweet Abby is feeling better. Take care all. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

  16. Mary Ann, Blogville is circling around you and Abby right now!!! The power of the paw has come to help you both! Abby is loved,, you are loved-- and you can get her through this!!! Abby is a stong girl! We are sending puggy prayers,, and also asking the universe to help Abby- and to help you Mary Ann,,, love is circling around all of you.
    I am so thankful to all these friends who are circling around you and Abby
    tweedles and moms

  17. Aroo there Abby, Stella Rose stated you are a very sick pupper and in need of the POTP. I wanted to stop by and let you know I will be keeping you and your mom in my prayers and I am sending healing vibes your way.

    Aroo to you,

  18. Just heard the news from Stella. We have 40 little paws in our house and every one is crossed for Abby. And Mom is sending prayers and hugs too.

  19. We just heard from Stella Rose and Angus. It makes us very sad when we hear about pups being sick. We're sending powerful healing vibes all the way from Australia in hopes that Abby feels better VERY soon.

    XXXOOO Bella & Roxy

  20. Prayers for Abby. Hope she has a restful night.

    M : )

  21. Prayers headed your way!

  22. We pray for healing for Abby. She has been added to our POTP page. http://murphyandstanley.blogspot.com/p/potp.html?showComment=1388608301520

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  23. Oh, Mary Ann, so sorry to hear this about Abby. Will be praying that all turns out okay. Hope you will let us know how she is as soon as you can tomorrow.

  24. We have all our pug paws crossed and are praying hard for Abby. Please get feeling better!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  25. Oh, Mary Ann. You have had enough of difficult times with your animals. And sweet Abby... I will carry her in my heart tonight and pray that she pulls through. Hugs.

  26. Mary Ann,

    We all are rallying around sweet Abby. Abby is in our prayers, please keep us updated.

  27. Mom Kim here - there ought to be a rule in life that limits the amount of trials and tribulation one has to face. This is too much - I am not sure what foods are safe rite now - brown rice mixed with boiled hamburger is a favorite with Shiloh'n Diva Shasta. Believe it or not they also love cottage cheese or yogurt mixed with that too. Hopefully you can call your vet during the nite if needed. Just in case it comes to this - here in Topeka, less than a block from me is a vet clinic open 24 hours - Stonehouse Animal Hospital - I don't have the phone number but the address is 10th and Fairlawn in Topeka. altho I pray that won't be needed.

    I know you two can bring Abby thru this - you have had to do so much with your farm animals over the past few years. I wish I was there - even with low vision and shaky hands I could still offer support and hugs and keep the coffee pot full.

    I pray that Abby pulls through this and that you all can find some peace soon. Sending many prayers, POTP aaand huggs to all.
    Mom Kim

  28. I hope that Abby got through the evening alright and is doing better today. Hopefully her blood sugar will stabilize and she'll feel like eating again!

  29. I'm too am hoping your sweet Abby got through the night just fine and the insulin is doing its job. I'll be praying all is well there.

  30. We came over from Tweedles to send you tons of purrs and some woofs too so that Abby will be feeling better really soon. Hope the insulin works for her. She sure is in our thoughts and prayers.

  31. You know I'm praying for her. Poor girl.

    Does the vet have Hill Science Diet A/D can food. It's expensive, but even my most sick dogs have eaten it.

    I'm thinking of ya'll.

  32. I've heard from Team Beaglebratz about Abby Lynn, I cross all my paws for her and I wish the best for you and the little pug girl.

  33. we've come over from the 3 Little Pugs - prayers and crossed paws for your sweet Abby!

    Edgar and his mum

  34. I know you are so worried about your little pug. We are sending hugs and purrs from our house that Abby will feel better soon.

  35. Update on Abs ... this is Keith ... Abby is doing much better this morning. We got her medicine in her last night and she finally ate. She was more perky than she had been in a long time. I slept in the guest bedroom with her last night so Mary
    Ann could get a decent night's sleep and she slept well. This morning Mary Ann took her back to the vet who will evaluate her all day to get the insulin dosage right. I think we got past the crisis stage and into the learn how to manage this stage. Thank you all for all your kind comments and prayers. Mary Ann will keep you informed.

  36. Oh my heart goes out to you both...glad to hear she is doing better but still long row to hoe! xoxo

  37. We came over from the Three Little Pugs' blog to leave you some purrs and tail wags. We're sorry your Abby is ill and hope she will start eating soon.

  38. Oh no! We will be thinking of you and that sweet Abby!

  39. Stopping by from Shiloh n Shastas. We r sending the power of the paw. Please get better real soon.


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