Saturday, April 12, 2014

Before the Storms

We had to make a little trip with Abby this morning. 

Here's Dr. Ripperger cleaning her ears out while Keith holds her.  
She has Pigmentary Keratitis in her eyes, the corneas are beginning to become opaque.  It's a condition that a lot of bully breeds, or bracycephalic breeds, suffer from,  Our Hannah had it, and eventually lost her sight. 
We are going to try to avoid that with Abby, and we are putting drops in three times a day... and treating the yeast infection in her folds.  

Every day, going back and forth to the old place, I pass by the farm of a guy who used to trim hooves for us when we had equines.  He raises Arabs and half-Arabs, and I LOVE the pattern on this appy. 

It's a pleasure to see them daily. 

Troy brought the John Deere over for us this afternoon, in the 84 degree heat.  Then the deck wouldn't re-attach.  He spent considerable effort on it in the driveway. 

It's operational now, and I had every intention of cutting tonight, but doggone it... it's 7:19 and I am going to wait.  We are expecting storms tomorrow... so it may be Tuesday before I get the new yard mowed.  

Don't look now, but Abby AND Lilly both negotiated the steps to the basement today, for the first time that I saw them do it! 

It was ten degrees cooler and VERY pleasant in the basement as we showed Troy around. 
Yes, we still have so much to put away!

The daffodils around the Oscar's tree trunk... have completely encircled it... 

Don't kill me, Troy and Kathy... I went over to take a picture of their Bradford Pear in bloom, and I snapped a shot of their decks and patio.  Troy laid that patio himself three years ago, and it makes a great entertainment area for their family.  

Their Bradford Pear.  Isn't it gorgeous? 

They came home and caught me while I was taking it... but I had told Troy earlier that I was going to. 

Look what they drove up in!

That's Kathy's new truck, a 1965 Ford... it has 58,000 original miles on it!  Troy's birthday is tomorrow, but 
this is a truck that is like Kathy's dad's, and she had wanted one forever.  
Is it the bomb or WHAT???

Friends, we could never have had better neighbors than these two, I can't even tell you how much 
they have supported and helped us.  They are wonderful people... and we will miss seeing them once we are totally moved. 

I attended Palm Sunday services early tonight, and we are going into Holy Week... the most important week 
of the church year.  I like the services, long though they may be... and Easter is such a promise of hope to all of us.  I hope you all have great weekends! 


  1. Wonderful post Mary Ann. The photos are lovely as well as your header photo. That truck was really a find! And that pear tree - WOW! Have a wonderful Easter week. I like what you said about it being a promise of hope.

  2. The pear tree is so beautiful. Well worth sneaking a picture and the patio looks so nice. He really did a nice job. As for the truck, that is amazing how straight the body is, a real beauty. I am sure she can't think of another gift better than that one!

  3. So pretty and what nice nieghbors. How nice to have a basement.
    That was the first truck my Dad ever bought brand new one like that Ford.
    It was orange. He was so proud of it.
    I am so glad you are settling in your have such a nice new place.

  4. Abby looks soooo beautiful in her red harness! And those are such comfortable harness's! The dr looks like a very kind doctor- getting Abby all fixed up- so she will get better!
    The tree was total amazing!! Wow!
    Its such a blessing to have such caring friends,, and that red truck is the bomb for sure!

  5. Busy days there with all that is going on for you. Maybe it's a good thing you have some rain. Of course I'm sure you have plenty to do inside anyway. I'm looking forward to Palm Sunday services today. One of my sons and his family is in and will be going with me. Usually, I'm in church alone. Used to be our family filled up the whole pew. Hope you have a happy Sunday!

  6. The weather WAS great yesterdsy--Ken and I spent all of it outside.
    It truely is nice to have great neighbors.

    Enjoy the rain we are getting.

    M :)

  7. Poor Abby; you tell her my Mom, who is in a nursing home, has to have cream in her folds everyday too for Yeast, poor girls. We still have snow, with rain today & the wood stove going to ward off the dampness. Mary Ann there is a photo of the whole litter on my previous post from what you commented on. If you have Facebook our Aussies have their own page here, & their own blog under Checkerboard Aussies. Enjoy your evening & thanks for stopping in to see me.

  8. Mary Ann,

    I'm sorry to hear about Abby but happy you're getting the stuff for her eyes
    Cutting the grass in the evening is much cooler and more comfortable then earlier in the day.
    Maybe you'll be able to get to it after the weather cooperates a little.
    I love this pear tree it's gorgeous, and your neighbors seem like really nice folks. I would love to have that truck!!!

  9. Good neighbors are hard to find. REALLY good neighbors are especially hard to find.

    Love their deck and her new truck. AWESOME.

  10. Oh her harness looks grand on her...yes, I stella rose have the same issue wif my eyes...sigh....stella rose


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