Thursday, October 19, 2017

There is a New Sheriff in Town

And his name is

Rooster Cogburn. 

He is from the Ag Flock, donated by Stromberg's 
Hatchery.  This year we were given all standard cochins, and 
there were five cockerels with the flock. 

Five different colorways, black, splash, buff, blue and partridge. 

He had never been on grass before yesterday, and it was comical 
to see him jump up and down and lift his feet up high for the first five minutes. 

He latched onto Big Fluffy Head and followed her around most of the day.  He still will not come up on the deck. 

You know... like this. 

It will come, I'm sure. 

He went right in with the hens last night and tonight, thank heavens, 
because I was afraid I was going to have to catch him in the hen yard and carry him in. 

My original plan was to bring several cockerels here, but that is not going to happen. One is enough. 

This is the pitiful take from 17 hens last night. 
Tonight, I got two more.  Yes, they are moulting... but...
they WERE also laying in two dog houses on the side of the house.  I suspect now some 
are laying UNDER the deck at the front of the house, because I hear their egg laying song 
from there.  

Very frustrating, but.... since they free range all day, I am hardly having to buy any
pellets for them.  That will change in the next month or so.  I do give them "Chicken Delight" (along with their pellets) from 
Valley Feed in Bonner Springs, Kansas... but I also don't go through much of that, either. 

Before, Lilly would kill a chicken who got too close to her.  I had chickens free-ranging in the pasture, but none in the yard, ever.  She has mellowed out... sometimes she will toss her head at one, but generally, leaves them alone, even when they are near her. 

She does not like the kitten, though, and that is worrisome. 

Jean suggested I call her Twinkle, and I love that name.  I am 
waiting to see what the vet says on Monday when she goes back. 
We are struggling with nasal discharge right now, and I want to be sure 
she is going to be healthy. 

Thank you all for your wonderful comments last night, I can't guarantee I will post 
EVERY day, but I'll sure try!


  1. LOVE the name! That is one B-A looking rooster. lol

  2. Hari OM
    Now that's a strut... and definitely one is enough!!! Roosters, not eggs... there oughtta be a whole heap o' eggs. There will be. In time. YAM xx

  3. How do you determine how much feed to give them when they're on range.

  4. I am quite happy with NO roosters. Won't you have hens stealing away to set now-fertile, and end up with a LOT more roosters? I do hope Lily will leave the kitten be.

  5. MA, my mom told me the other day that my grandma would get her chickens in at night by waving a broom with a bag tied to it. The chickens thought it was a big bird swooping down on them. They would run like hell into their chicken house. She never had to chase a chicken! LOL

  6. I love that picture of the hen on the porch railing! Or is it a rooster? Nice to get the eggs, but not under the deck for sure. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

  7. Great description of a rooster...and he's quite proud looking!

  8. Love him prancing through the grass :-D

  9. Wow! I never saw a rooster up close before--do they all have such a lot of feathers around their legs?? He looks like a huge ball of fluff!! I "fed" chickens once--or at least attempted to. I was about 13 and was visiting a friend who lived outside the city. Her mom sent us to feed the chickens and as soon as I got inside the fence with the pan of chicken feed, I thought I was being attacked!

  10. Our mom's pawrents always had chickens and other animals on their farm. One time they had this MEAN old Rooster that would constantly try and attack everyone. So mom told her brother he needed to shoot the rooster. Brother said he had to make sure it was the right rooster or their mother would shoot him for killing the wrong rooster. Anyway, they devised a plan where they would put scraps out for the chickens and position the youngest sister nearby for the rooster to attack. As the rooster ran to attack the youngest sister the brother would shoot the rooster. As you can imagine, this plan is a bit flawed. Luckily the mom came out and saw what was happening and put a stop to it before any bullets were fired. Good luck with the rooster!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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