Monday, October 23, 2017

The Most Beautiful Time of Year

The view from my porch lightens my heart every morning, this time of year. 
Soon, there will be a tall tree to the right turning orange... I can't wait. 

Skeins of spider silk were blowing in the winds. 

The hens look beautiful in the autumn light, even in the middle of their moult. 

Do does my beautiful girl. 

This light makes me happy, too... when I see it in the window when I am outside after dark. 

I am still putting things away... will it ever end???  
But I'm so glad to be back!


  1. There's certainly no place like home.

  2. Hari OM
    Oh dear Mary Ann, I'm afraid the unpacking bit always seems interminable... it does end though. Eventually. That lamp makes me smile all the way over here, too &*> YAM xx

  3. You have a great view there with lots of beauty to see for sure ! I have a chicken light in my kitchen only much small than yours. These have been golden days. We had the loveliest October ever here with many sunny days. But that is all about to change as a cold front has moved in bring rain here.

  4. what a great lamp! perfect for you. i'm afraid my fall has been ruined by teddy's death. maybe next fall i will have another pup!

  5. It will end. We are down to just a few boxes stuck in the closets. It takes time. Your chicken lamp looked so nice in your house. stella rose and momma


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