Tuesday, October 24, 2017

A Fine Fall Day

Four years ago, when Keith and I moved from Calamity Acres, my friend 
Georgie sent me some flower seeds, so I would have flowers at the big house. 

These gorgeous marigolds were amongst those seeds.  I have kept the seeds every year, and this year, I poured some into one of the vegetable beds.  I also planted green and yellow beans, and
picked so many I let the rest just die on the vine.  

I also kept zinnia seeds, to plant for next year. 

I am so enjoying these.  I also have TWO pumpkins. 

One orange one.

And a green one that is going to have to ripen off the vine, as we are expecting weather in the 30's and 20's on Friday and Saturday nights!

Kaffe Klatsch at the henhouse. 

Twink went to the vet today and has gained 10 ounces.  She had her 
first kitten shots, and was FIV and Leukemia negative.  She will not be spayed until she is 20 weeks old. 

She will be chipped, too.  You just can't be too safe these days. 

She still got an antibiotic shot, she is not over her cold yet. 

I made another stop, too, on this fine fall day... to see the heroes and heroines who lie among us. 

A beautiful day. 


  1. A very beautiful day Mary Ann

  2. Possible frost here in a couple days, too. That should thin a bugs, at least.

  3. You have many things in your house. Beautiful flowers, two color pumpkins, hens, cats. Nice to see them all...

  4. Hari OM
    Oh Twinkle, I wonder if you will be one of those rare cats who will keep your blue eyes? Heheheehhe, kaffee klatsch.... heheheheheheh.... YAM xx

  5. Our beautiful days have come to an end here for the beginning of this week anyway. It's dismal and chilly out here so very nice to see your blue skies. Nice you have saved seeds to plant and enjoy. Great too to have your very own pumpkin.

  6. So glad you are blogging again! Have followed you for a long time and love seeing how you are renovating your favorite place on earth!

  7. You have assembled a beautiful life!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. We always smile when we read your blog, and see your beautiful pictures. Do you think we are related now that you have Twink? After all we were a part of that right? stella rose

  9. I love fall, but that first freeze is hard on me...I hate to see my flowers die. Twinkle is such a cutie. I love the stripe down her back.


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