Sunday, October 29, 2017

Frost on the Pumpkin

Guess what?

There was frost on the pumpkin this morning. 

I'm bringing this one... 

And the green one up on the deck today. 

The dogs went out, did their things, and came back in where it was warm. 
I don't blame them. 

Because today was the first day the outdoor water froze, too. 

I need to poke around in the shop tomorrow and find my 
heated water bowls that I keep on the deck for the wild birds all winter. 

Sister is venturing out several times a day, mostly when he gets tired 
of being abused by Twinkle. 

He sits at the door and meows when he is ready to come back in. 

Last night he leapt off my lap to go lay on the couch when Twinkle joined us. 

Twinkle looks as if she were going to the bathroom here, but she is not.  

She was balancing where she landed on the edge of the couch, on her way to bothering Sister again. 

It's the last hurrah for the mums, too!

Here I need to make a statement about posting. 

I'm back out in the country and off cable, i.e., back 
on a satellite operation... at least, I think they are satellite driven, but 
am not sure.  Notice how cagey I am being about the carrier?  I have had a few outages... but they are usually resolved shortly... it's just that uploading pictures is SLOW.  I usually get up and go do things in the house while they are loading.   BUT... I am pretty patient, so I am going to stay with this service. 

One good thing about the frost, my grass cutting days are ending.  I ran into the young man 
who cuts the big house (no, it has not sold) yard... and he told me they will skip this week, and check it next week to see if it needs to be cut again.  I was there after church last night to turn the 
furnace on, and noticed it is looking beautiful.  
I will be so happy when it sells, rather than feeling sentimental about it, 
I recall it as the place where Keith was so very sick, and I do not like 
going over there unless I have to. 

The young man who cuts the yard here was out this week, and realizes the mowing is ending... he is going to start cutting saplings from my fenceline, hallelujah!  I told him I could not support him all winter, but there was plenty he could do here to keep him busy as I pay as I go.  I will be glad to get 
things cleared up.  

Do you all realize Halloween is upon us, and Thanksgiving just around the corner? 


  1. Hari OM
    Yup got a big post prepared for Halloween... and your pumpkins have timed it just right! We are in the process of getting our first big frost tonight too.

    Mary Ann, am not sure if you think to 'downsize' your images before upload? If you right click on an image and select to open in Microsoft Office (Image), the editor gives an option to resize to something like 1024x768 or even less and this makes uploads a whole heap less taxing. Jus' thinking aloud! &*> YAM xx

  2. They've been predicting frost here for a week, but we've ducked it so far. I think it may get us in the next couple days, though. Fewer bugs at least!

  3. We live with slow internet. As I go to an office several times per week I sometimes save big files to up or download until then.

    I hope the big house sells soon.

  4. Grass mowing for me has switched over to leave mulching as my house is surrounded by trees. We had below freezing temps last night and the leavings are falling fast. Hope your old place sells soon. Nice at least you have been able to be in a comfortable place now.

  5. we are also so happy no more mowing, we had frost on saturday also, our plants are all shriveled up. brrrrrr...........stella rose

  6. The cover photo is beautiful!
    I am sure you are happy to be back
    the country.
    We haven't had any frost yet just cold mornings.

    Thanksgiving is around the corner for sure.

    M : )

  7. You are settling in nicely Mary Ann!
    There is a time for every season


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