Sunday, October 25, 2015

At Last, Some Nature Photos

This morning, Leavenworth County. 

I tracked another, but this was the best I could get: 


I've seen the Northern Harrier twice, from the rear end, seeing him take
off after a small animal on the ground.  Always driving, and can't get 
the camera up fast enough. 

Here is the black squirrel's red cousin... same street, one house down. 

I went the back way to church, and did not see one turkey... I have not seen any for two weeks except up near my brother's nursing home, on a busy highway. 

Then, I turned a corner, and missed this group of ten by a minute. 

As soon as I stopped, they took off for the tree line. 

Now that our big events are finished at the National Agriculture Center and Hall of Fame 

I'll have more time to go out "hunting". 

This came up as a "memory" in my Facebook feed the other day... 
how I miss Winnie, Windy, Kelly, and even Big D (mama) 
and all the other critters at our beautiful Calamity Acres. 

(Mary Ann Yoder on Facebook, where I do post pictures almost daily) 

Happy memories! 

I'll post tomorrow about the Great Midwest Balloon Fest... it was two 
very, very busy days... and very interesting. 

Here's a picture to whet your appetite: 

Why I am bullied by my dogs: 

Lilly Ann letting me know it was time to go walk, about an hour ago. 

I hope everyone is having a peaceful Sunday. 


  1. Beautiful clippings...

  2. Lovely pictures as always! Looks like you had a wonderful Sunday.

  3. I feel so lucky to have someone relatively close taking such pictures. I get to see so much I wouldn't otherwise; thanks again!

  4. Wow, beautiful photos!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Very beautiful photos Mary Ann

  6. Lilly Ann is such a beautiful girl. Smart too.

    We saw turkeys on Saturday when we went to check the feeders and cams at the son-in-laws place.


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