Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thinking about Christmas

Here it is, Advent already, and this Sunday is "Gaudete" or "Rejoice!" Sunday, in preparation for the coming birth of the Baby Jesus. 

Our church is decorated and getting ready...

The pink (purple) candle will be lit on Sunday.

The manger is ready and waiting.  I LOVE the huge white angel behind it.

Keith brought in a bin we had not opened since we lived above Chicago now almost seven years ago.  In it was this sepia colored nativity scene, so I put it on the sideboard just in case we can't locate my parent's nativity scene this weekend.  Chris will be here and can climb up in the loft of the storage building and search for me.

And, lest you think I'm not going to mention any animals... it is 10:48 PM as I write this.  Keith went out a moment ago to walk around our neighbor's house... they are out of town for a funeral, and we are keeping an eye on it.  As he started down the deck steps, he cast the strong flashlight out towards the henyards... and there, on a fence post, was an owl bigger than the hawk.  He came back in and tried to get me out to see it... I put my heavy chore coat on over my nightgown and started out the door, but when he shone the light again, the owl had flown away. 

Oh. Joy.


  1. Beautiful nativity.

    Not good...the owl.
    Hope he stays gone!!

  2. I too love the large angel in the back.
    There is always something ready to get an unlucky chicken.

  3. Some of those owls are gigantic.


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