Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

What a wonderful Christmas Eve we are having here at Little Calamity Acres.  Keith has gone to put tires on his truck... he waited one week too long, suffered a blowout, and took my car this morning to get that tire mounted.  I have baked and cleaned and baked some more, for treats for son Jeff and his roommate tomorrow.

This is a familiar scene around here lately.   I think I have baked more this Christmas than any other in years.

This morning it was very cold out.  I carried out some warm water to the birds in the little henhouse, as they do not have a heater for their waterer.  They were so grateful to get it. 
Then I came back in and got some more warm water for the outdoor fortexes.  The wild birds EMPTIED these yesterday!

The birds in the big henhouse were lined up ready to go outside when I went in.

The nasty marks on the drywall are from starlings.
I read an article in Bowtie Inc's latest copy of "Chickens" magazine last night from someone with a backyard coop, who advised insulating and drywalling it to protect your birds in the winter.  Well... let me explain what we have found out.  See the mounted nest boxes for the bantams on the wall just under the roost?  See the holes above them?  That's what rats and mice do to drywall.... and then the snakes go in and out.  Nope... next year, when we remodel this building and rebuild the eaves of it.... the drywall is coming OUT.  When the rodents have nowhere to hide,they won't be so ready to come in and be at home. (and chew through the wires to four of the five outlets!)

One of the two remaining ameracaunas is gone.  I have no idea... maybe she has actually been gone since the last day before we captured the hawk... or maybe we have been hit again.  I looked everywhere for her this morning, and she is gone.   They had never even started laying.

Here is my beautiful April, who has finally started laying!

The llamas dug into the hay buffet... ooops... something has ticked off Inca.
Lil was on guard against something she saw down at Spehars.

And on the deck, there is a promise of spring waiting...

Way down at the bottom of the huge mum plant I got during the farm tour this fall, the mum is alive and waiting!  It was so good to see the green when I watered it this morning.  In a few more weeks, I'll cut those long dead stalks and then we'll transplant it into the garden. 

I'm going to take a break from posting and run in to see my little sister Kathleen and her husband, and take them some treats.  I have to come home and make stew and bake some more, so will set out right now.

Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!


  1. Happy Holidays to you. Thanks for the look-around. Sneaky mice!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    Mice have been horrible this year I keep putting out traps and whenever I thing I have caught them all I find another one ... manufacture of sticky traps must love me all the traps I have around the house.


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