Thursday, December 29, 2011


Okay, here's a good one.  I sat here yesterday (I'm on vacation this week) catching up on what everyone did for Christmas on your blogs... and having a wonderful read.  I read, and read, and read... and then totally forgot to do my own post!  Keith got home from work, I baked a chicken... fixed the rest of the dinner... and then sat down with the pugs to watch a little tv and completely forgot about the post!

I don't think I talk about the things Keith has done around here enough.  He spends a lot of his spare time playing golf and listening to ball games on the radio... but the rest of the time he is working, working, working to make our place a better one.  Granted, sometimes his visions are over our budget, but he usually refines them.  When we moved here, this is what it looked like:

 Notice the open pasture.

Within weeks, Keith had made the first chickenyard...

To the left is the first henyard.... and of course, I jumped the gun and as SOON as we signed for the place, I went to an auction and bought six chickens.  They boarded at a friend's house for six weeks.

Keith learned from that first project... and went on to cross-fence the pasture when the first words "Mini horses" came out of my mouth. (by himself)

He built a duck house for our ducks and geese, which they used during the last intense winters.

A corral and a barn for the mini horses, which is now the llama yard.

Not to mention the wonderful garden beds and whole garden area... though grandson Chris has done a lot of the grunt work.

A third henhouse, to be finished in the spring, and which will be truly a henspa.

And the wonderful deck built two years ago, which has provided so much pleasure already. 

Around here, we have the A, the B, and the C lists. 
The A list, of course, are things that need to be done ASAP.  Keith took care of one of those on Monday, when he sealed the eaves holes where starlings were going in and out of the henhouse at will.

The B list are things we would like to do, but are not in a tearing hurry.... put a new deck in the boat... for instance

The C List are those things that would be nice to do, but not necessary, like build on a new bedroom and deck to the back of the house. 

Whatever needs to be done, I know this guy can do it!

And now he has a new little helper to help him!


  1. Looking at the new hen house that looks good enough to be a new bedroom, just move it closer to the house. Nice to have someone capable and willing to handle projects that are part of country living.

  2. LOVE this post!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Mary, thanks for visiting my blog. Your place is wonderful!

  4. Oh my! You have both kept very busy. Loved seeing all the progress. Your hubby has an abundance of motivation and vision!

  5. Keith is a good man! Glad you guys found each other. : )

  6. Hi Mary Ann, Pretty pictures, Hope you are having a great vacation! Terry

  7. Sounds like he is a keeper to me :)
    the pengiun display was open through Christmas but here is the info for next year.
    It is at 16617 Indian Creek Pkwy. Intersection of Mure Len and Indian Creek Pkwy. You can google the adress for a map.

    Happy New Year.


  8. What amazing work he has done. It all looks so nice. Hope you have a great new year!

  9. Your Keith has done some very nice work! Wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year!


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