Friday, December 16, 2011

18 Hours and Counting

Why am I sitting here typing?  I have cookies to decorate, and rooms to clean, and dip to make.  Tomorrow morning I'll make the potato casserole (au gratin) and cook the ham.  Keith is off to get the very last gift certificate, and to stop at Wal Mart for things I missed at the commissary this afternoon.

You all deserve to see this.... this afternoon we had our office Christmas party and it was a LOT of fun... instead of a stuffy dinner and dancing, we had a luncheon, and a silly hat contest.  Lunch was a stuffed chicken quarter (fontina cheese and spinach, as Rachel Ray would say... "delish!"), asparagus, garlicky potatos, and a small steak with some kind of topping that was great.  As I had not been able to hold a meal down all week, I was so very blessed to be able to eat most of this good meal.  It started with a spinach salad and roll, and I actually got about a fifth of the salad in me.  Dessert was a sliver of pumpkin and sliver of pecan pie, mmmmmmm. 

Then we had a silly hat contest, that was a LOT of fun.  A bag was put on the table with various accessories, and plastic hats passed out.  There were glue bottles or glue dots in the bags... and other things.  The creativity of my co-workers was astounding, and the winners won nice gift certificates.
Here I am:

Chicken feathers, of course. I just realized I look like I have a boy haircut.

Jodi and Jill DON'T KILL ME - but I had to show you Jodi's hat, as she was one of the winners... it read "Tips Accepted" in glitter glue, and she tied it to her head upside down with pipe cleaners.  She got a 50.00 restaurant gift certificate for her cleverness, and we had lots and lots of laughs.

Now, back to decorating cookies!


  1. That was a lot of food for just lunch, looks "delish".

    Have a Merry Christmas

  2. I had dinner, but this looks good enough to make me hungry again! Cute photos and hats!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. A cute idea! The food looks good too!


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