Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Soggy, Soggy Day

Ugh, need I say more?

It was a good day for ducks, if we still had some.  They are calling for rain all day tomorrow, and temps of SIXTY!

It seems to me this happened two years ago - temperate temperatures, and then wham!  A blizzard on Christmas Eve.
That was the only time I have ever missed church on Christmas.

These guys didn't like it much either:

These guys mostly hung out inside

Except for one or two, and, I suspect, this little guy, Rooster One, is probably not getting along with Rambo.

That's either a ghost or a big ole water spot in the middle of the picture.

I did a lot of this:
Unfortunately, this experiment did not come out so well.  The candy cane kisses burned on their tips. It was also the first time I used parchment paper to line my cookie sheets, and I won't do that again.  One batch was in just a minute too long, and the other, just perfect, but, as I said, the tips of the kisses darkened.  I know they'll get eaten anyway.

I made a lot of chocolate covered pretzels, and will have to make a lot more before Saturday, since everyone loves them.

I made another batch of chevre, and it came out so very well this time.
I let it stay a little bit wetter than before, and packed it into plastic containers after I had salted and seasoned it.  I am using a garlic grinder and an onion and herb mixture I found at T.J. Maxx.  For those of you near one of their stores, they have a great gourmet food aisle with lots of unusual spices, etc.  This garlic is seasoned, and makes the cheese taste so good.  I made a container for Jill, who saw me start the cheese yesterday, and a container for our party (which I've gotten into three or four times this afternoon!). 

Friend Roxanne of Screamin' Oaks Dairy down our road tells me that she has only one doe milking at this point, and four mothers of newborns are buying her milk, so I may not have any more to use for several months. 

When I ran down to the thrift store/food bank this morning to take the eggs and some other things, I found this lovely tray downstairs with the regular china, not in the "Christmas Room".  It's perfect to use for the pretzels this weekend, and cost me a whole $1.25, what a bargain!

Stanley Steemer came this morning!  Now if we can just keep the carpets looking good til Saturday!

And here's the output from both henhouses today.  Roxanne told me Saturday that out of all her hens, large and small, she is getting only one or two eggs a day.  I'm glad to get these.


  1. Those cookies look good! Keep me in mind, as I will eat rejects. :-}

  2. I'm only getting one egg a day, so good for your girls. And apparently you're getting OUR typical December weather!

    P.S. Send Stanley Steemer over here....

  3. That Christmas tray is a big score, Congratulations.

  4. My hens are giving us NADA.

    It's suppose to look like that here tomorrow. You must be sending it our way.


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