Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Two Days Now

Two days now until the Christ child comes again to remind us all that we need peace and brotherhood in this world of ours. 

Do you have your shopping finished and your gifts wrapped and your baking done?

I have the last thing bought, but have not wrapped... in fact, Keith is ahead of the game there.  We cannot put gifts below our little tree in the house because of the destructive Jenny.  I will wrap and then put them back in the bin where they have been hidden.  On Friday morning, I'll take Nathan to get something for his mother with his nine dollars he has saved.  He has made bread for Keith and me, and I believe that will be our best gift ever.

Hannah lays beside me tonight as I type this, but we are both tired and as soon as she has gone to the porch, will join Keith, Abby and Gertie in bed on a cold winter's night.  We have passed the shortest day of the year now, though, and even though it's cold and gray, I know that spring is now drawing ever closer and the days will be lengthening.  I am off the next five days, so it will be a wonderful respite.
Gertie and Keith, thinking about their stockings.

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  1. Gertie looks like one happy little girl.

    That's sweet of Nathan.

    Merry XMAS, I'll be out starting this afternoon until Tuesday. Will catch back up next week.


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