Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Gertie has settled in very well with us now.  She and Abby play constantly, and when they are tired, they are TIRED.  Abby can't keep up, and now instead of bothering us to play every night, she plays with Gertie until she is worn out.  The amount of toys on our living room floor makes it look like little kids live here.

We're glad to have her as part of our Calamity Acres family, and glad her moving around has stopped.  She deserves a good little life, and that's what's she is going to get. Now, knock off bothering the kitties, Gert!


  1. Glad Gertie has a new home. I think we are so blessed to have creatures living with us. Mary G.

  2. Awwww... what a sweet little face!!!

  3. That's sweet that they are getting along so good. Glad she's so happy now.

  4. I know that she's already well loved and part of your family!

    Merry Christmas my friend!


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