Thursday, December 16, 2010

Looking Back A While

Here in Leavenworth County, we have plenty of deer.  I love to watch them, and know that they must be culled, but no deer will ever be shot on our property.  I am content to see them go by... just Sunday morning before church I saw two does run, tails up, through our neighbor's pasture and along our fence line, crossing the road before I could get camera out.  This scene from months ago shows deer in our neighbor's beautiful park-like back yard.  Their dogs were inside, and ours far enough away that the does felt safe to come up to the house to graze, and drink from their pond. 


  1. What a beautiful scene. How nice that it was right outside your window!

    Merry Christmas


  2. I just love to watch deer romp and play, too, Mary Ann... we've had a doe hanging around here for a year now- back in the summer I started missing her and I was so afraid she had been hit by a car or something... then one day she shows up with two little ones in tow!! They are so sweet- I haven't seen them in a month so I guess they are laying low right now- they seem to know when hunting season starts!!


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