Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Storm Coming but a Quiet Night

We expect two inches of snow and some sleet late tonight or early tomorrow, but things are warm and cozy at Calamity Acres tonight.  We still have some baking to do, but Grandson Nathan is on hand to help in the morning, and to wrap gifts too.  Then he will go with his mom tomorrow night, and with his dad on Saturday, as thus it is with some families, and ours too. 

The animals are all snuggled in their beds, and thanks to Nathan, the trough is topped off and we are ready for the storm.  Let it come.... we're as ready as we can be... and ready for the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child again, to bring light to all the world.

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  1. He can bake bread and fill water troughs! He's a keeper!!!!


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