Monday, December 20, 2010


Short post tonight, bloggers... I have to make Clotted Cream Fudge per Suzanne McMinn's recipe seen on Chickens in the Road,  and I have just discovered that I do not possess in our pantry a bottle of "golden syrup" (light corn syrup, Karo).  I have the clotted cream... long story... but Keith went all the way to Leavenworth TWICE to get me some from the Queen's Pantry after I got there on a freezing cold day FIVE MINUTES TOO LATE.  What a husband!  Anyway, I may have to run to Country Mart to get the corn syrup if I can't find any at the back of the pantry where it will have been languishing for a while.

I will take pictures (I hope). 

I am leaving you with a wonderful picture taken by my grandson Nathan yesterday afternoon of Tony, Inca and Aztec.  Nathan has been using the camera now for a year, and I asked him to walk around and please take llama pictures because I was so busy, and also to take a series of pictures of Keith working on the gate.  He did both, and got some VERY good pictures which will be used this week.  I'm very proud of him.

Aztec at six weeks, strong and healthy.


  1. You have a budding photographer. He did a super job.

    I luv the CITR blog.

  2. He did a fantastic job! Get him to take more and more. I hope that Santa might be bringing him a camera...hmmm...

    Ackkkk...three days nine hours and... I'd better get cracking!


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