Saturday, April 4, 2009

Today We Make Fence

Okay, today Husband and Grandson make fence!

The new goat pen will be built today if the rain will just hold off for a while, yes, it's Saturday, and about to rain again! The sun is making feeble attempts to break through the cloud cover as I write this, but the forecast calls again for 70 degrees today, and rain all day tomorrow! Kansas weather!

Today we let the new silkies, production reds, and the remaining Old English hen out of the Little Henhouse for the second time. We attempted it once before, but they were still so young that they became disoriented in the henyard. We had to net one, and we don't like doing that unless it's absolutely necessary. We left them inside in the bad weather this week, but I liberated them this morning. I can tell the production reds will be okay, they immediately came down the ramp and began investigating. The silkies are more hesitant to come out, which is fine. Curley, the red frizzle rooster who is not much bigger than they, ran for them as fast as his little legs could carry him! Back up the ramp they went! Pretty soon Butch came out, and wandered over there to see the new bits of fluff and pulchritude. When I came out of the henyard, he had sashayed up the ramp of the henhouse and inside, and there was a red and buff tide following him. I will go out soon in the sprinkles to make sure they are all well, but I left the warming light on inside for them, just in case.

On Tuesday, we will be delivered a new gander and two geese, to join our Sammy and the three duck ladies, Martha, Mary and Maggie. Along with the gander and geese will come two llamas, our first foray into camelids. Mama Llama and her yearling son Tony will join the family for a few months as they are kept in our pasture for the summer. We hope Mama will drive any more coyotes off, and close down the Waterfowl Buffet. In the meantime, Beau is grazing in the yard, and the waterfowl being locked up at night in the henyard incase another sneak attack is being planned.

Ah, Spring!

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