Sunday, April 5, 2009

A 6th Anniversary

Today we celebrated our 6th anniversary. Our marriage occurred while Keith was still on active duty, in his small church in Texas. Some of our relatives were able to come down and join us on that happy day. In the evening, we took Brandon and Chris, my oldest grandson, to play miniature golf, and we jokingly thought of doing it again today. Since it was blustery and cold, we decided to opt for lunch inside at Granite City Brewery instead.
We had a peaceful afternoon after the grands went home, starting with lunch, followed by a nap. Doing chores in the evening bluster together was nice.

Six years ago, we had no idea we would be settled on our own little piece of paradise. We are truly blessed, living within our means, happy with our animal friends and delighted at Brandon's progress in life. I only hope all our friends are as lucky as we!

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