Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coyotes Have to Eat Too

Sunday night, the predators got into the pasture at Calamity Acres for the first time. Surrounded by livestock fence, and with our stalwart guardians Ranger and Lilly in the yard, we thought to be large-predator free. Yes, we had lost a few birds to owls and/or possums, and actually had had a possum wander into the henyard and die once last year, a scary proposition. But Sunday night brought an attack by the coyotes who range around here on our waterfowl, and we lost Timmy, our big gander raised from a small gosling. It's hard to lose another member of our animal family, so close on the loss of Lacey and Isis. We found what was left of him on Monday evening, where the coyotes could not get him through the fence. It was hard on Husband, who had heard the attack and got out there just a bit too late. The girls are now being locked up in the henyard at night until we can get things under control again and make the coyotes understand - without killing any - that the diner is closed for business.

A new gander and two new geese are coming Saturday, but we will keep locking them up at night until we are sure that the coyotes are hunting elsewhere.

Sic transit Timmy.

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