Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Quiet Weekend

Five days have gone by since we got the newest members of our family, Mama and Tony and the geese. Two days after their arrival, Stepson was leaving for school in the morning. He went out the door, then came back in to look at his dad. "When did we get LLAMAS???" was the question. Once baseball season starts, real life is over!!!!

The llamas appear to have settled in nicely, though we have not exactly laid hands on them yet. I am able to get them to come to me with a bucket of feed, but have not touched them. Today was the closest, within a few feet, but I watch the ears switching back and forth. Like a horse, the llama shows it's concern and interest with it's ears. I am not afraid of being spat upon, as that is mostly reserved for other llamas, but I would just as soon not tempt Mama. She appears to like the feed we got her, and also to like the chicken feed! I went down to the pasture this afternoon to discover that the goose feeder was empty... and as soon as I filled it, the geese tucked in. The two groups, new and old, slept peacefully by the pond in the sun this afternoon.

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, but rain and cold is expected here the next two days. Friday was also rainy, and poor Beau stood, soaked, in front of the porch. He did go into the pasture that night, but soon requested coming back into the yard. We are happy to oblige the Old Gentleman, as he seems more comfortable with us now that little Lacey is gone. He likes to stand in the corner under the mulberry trees, and I notice that he is sleeping more and more. I mentioned it to husband, who shook his head and said "He's so old". We have begun to wonder if we won't find him some morning, before summer comes, having gone to sleep for the night and for the last time. For now he is still eating his senior feed, and drinking, and pooping, so we know it is not time. Tomorrow I'll move his feed and water bowls into the makeshift stall in front of the chicken house, so he can get some shelter from the storms that are affected.

We are having dinner here tomorrow. I cleaned house this afternoon, after delivering Easter baskets to the grandkids. Easter is not a gift-giving occaision here, but I collected nice baskets from thrift stores in the last few months, and filled them with grass and candies. I dyed eggs last year, but did not do it this year, time got away from me. After a short time with the grandkids, I moved on to the hairdresser for my coloring and then to Wal-Mart for a sifter for the cake flour, having mislaid my old one. This will be our menu: Ham, our "own" potato casserole, which is made with potatos, onions and cheese, green beans cooked very slow with bacon and onion, rolls, a salad brought by my sister in law, and pound cake for dessert. Very simple and good, easy to make and easy to clean up. I bought new napkins today and set the sideboard up with an Easter theme, stuffed papers into drawers, and cleaned floors. In the morning I'll vacuum after church, and then start baking. The ham need only be warmed, thank heavens, it is spiral sliced and pre-cooked. I intended to make the cakes today, but there is just so much to do at this time of year that I ran out of time again, and sit here, tonight, blogging when I should be in bed sleeping.

Happy and Blessed Easter to all!

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