Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Goose Found her Pony

Since the advent of the llamas, Beau has spent almost all his time in the yard, except for one night. This evening, as I was doing chores, I noticed he had come over near where I was cleaning out a water fortex at the top of the pasture. Sure enough, when I opened the gate, he came right on into the pasture. His goose, Samantha, was so glad to see him she stopped what she was doing and went to him, following him around. He checked out the pond, where the ducks were happily swimming and diving, and checked out the new geese, who promptly honked at him. Mama and Tony were laying down at the bottom of the pasture, and used to horses, didn't bother to get up. I sat down by the pond a long time, watching the happy ducks, and letting the new birds get used to me. Frogs were croaking merrily and over us wafted a huge hawk, but he passed on to the south, away from the Little Bunch who was still out in the henyard. Now Beau is following the llamas around, and I hope is taking a little comfort in once again having some hoofed companions. Well, sort-of-hoofed.

I noticed as I sat down by the pond that the grass is quite short at the top of the pasture, thanks to the llamas and geese... so my plan is working already.

Maybe spring really is on the way, it's 67 out, and no more rain predicted before the weekend.

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