Sunday, May 29, 2016

Weekend Roundup

Well, not quite the whole weekend since it's a holiday. 

It's easy to lose track when you are retired. 

I spent Friday at the Ag Hall front desk... but I took the dogs out for a bit 
on Friday evening and saw this huge tree down on our daily route.  They had already topped it. 
It is still there today. 

The nest appeared to be empty that day... the young hawks are huge now.  
I really thought they had fledged.  

That faint line in the photo is the barbed wire I was shooting through. 

This big girl was in our front yard on Saturday morning.  
I did not want to help her... she is a snapper... because she was moving steadily along. (not because she was a snapper but because she was taking care of business!) 

Up the ditch she went... 

And off across the road.  She was actually moving quickly... and at the end of that cross street... is a large pasture with a pond.  She was very close, so I left her alone. 

I saw another just a little bigger than this today on a road, got out of the car to lift her over the curb there... and discovered that I had left my shovel out of my car when I went to the recycle station on Friday.  I could have screamed in frustration, she rounded on me and I had no way to help her over the curb... it was a paved street in farmland, and she was maybe four feet from a pasture that was perfect for babies.  She was too snappy to try to pick up. 

This boy crossed a gravel road ahead of me... and disappeared into the hay. 

That day I could make out maybe one hawklet through the treetops. 

I took this somewhat blurry picture to show you what the fields around parts of Tongie look like right now.  Stranger Creek is out of it's banks.  I did not have a way to take pictures on the levee... There are acres and acres under water.  

You know the beautiful bluffs I have showed you so often? 


If you look at the above picture and see where the water (the road) curves to the left... the bluffs are at the treeline in the distance.  It is ALL underwater, and of course, the road and bridge are closed.  (unless you are a duck). 

My favorite birds are going to have a feast when this all goes down. 

Today, we were to have a family Memorial Day breakfast. 

Jace and little Hayden were here... 

and middle brother Carson, who was not feeling so hot.  

Paiton and Jax had spent the night, but had already had breakfast and 
passed the boys coming in as they left. 

However, Grandpa was not feeling well and did not get to visit with 
his "boys"... but had to lay down, so we had a short visit and 
they promised to come back soon.  Amber and Jesse and the boys live 
50 miles from us, so we don't get together as often as we would like. 

I would show you Amber and Jesse but my pictures were HORRID. 

Jax had gone out to the deck early this morning... he loves to watch the hummingbirds come to the feeders.  Paiton loves them, too. 

He took this picture of his sister.  I know what I am getting him for Christmas now. (camera) 

I took the dogs to walk late this afternoon, but ... Lilly had a time getting back into the car. 

The time is coming when she is not going to be able to walk at the park. 

She loves to ride in the car, so maybe we will just do that. 

We saw this pretty little girl as we came around the corner for "home", and back to the car. 
She was in a large park with a running stream, near a deep creek.  She was in GOOD shape and I left her alone.  I say "little" but she was a decent size. 

The kids and I saw a big one there the other day, down in the water... we left her alone, she was doing great.   No picture of that one. 

Here's our buddy on our way home from the park tonight.  He no longer takes off when I stop the car... and he is so photogenic! 

Everyone please have a safe holiday! 


  1. As always, love the pics. Hope you have a nice holiday.

  2. Hope you have a lovely Memorial Day. It's a beautiful sunny morning here.

  3. Great shots and it sounds like a fun time even if it was a bit soggy.

  4. I hope Keith is feeling better now.

    The grands are growing so much.


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