Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Night Post

Don't laugh. 

There are more birds.  I can't help it. 

Thank you for all your kind comments last night. 

This... is a very stressed out retriever mix. 

See the froth on her mouth? 

She actually did VERY well.  The only other time we have ever tried the dog park, she had a terrible time.  There were only two other dogs there... one tiny puppy (you can barely see it) and a smallish boxer who was full of pep.  Our dogs really liked her through the fence. 

See those two young women?  They are American soldiers, who can kick your behind from here to next week... but also, delightful young women. (We were at the Fort Leavenworth dog park)

Someone was having fun.  However, when I took him to the big side so he 
could run with the boxer... her "pawrents" were calling her to fetch a ball and 
he got scared, so back we went. 

During our time there, a machine across the parking lot was breaking cement, so it 
was very noisy.  We are going to try it again in another week or so. 

After the other two dogs left, we went over to the larger side of the park, and Lil had a good time exploring.  However, here is one thing I noted... we did not really get any exercise, other than their sniffing around and running up the fence line.  

I went to the park this afternoon alone and walked a mile by myself. 

Tomorrow, we'll walk early in the morning, and go back to the dog park next week. 

This northern mockingbird was here on our street as I was leaving.  I hauled the big lens out the window to get him. 

Hauled it out again for this guy.  (Red headed woodpecker) 

He was watching me watch him. 

Not a bird. 

But she was in a stare-down with a bird! 

Back to that bird in a sec. 

I saw something this afternoon I had never seen. 
I walked a mile at the park, and then got the camera out to 
see if I could get some bird pictures, but there were 100 or so kids at the 
park today, along with parents, and a lot of noise.  Even though I was back 
by the creek... I saw few birds. 

So, I started home. 

I decided to go the long way. 

I had not seen this one before in Leavenworth county. 

It's a great egret. 

They have LONG necks! 

I was able to get out of the car and take pictures, 
though he did stop for a minute. 

They are beautiful birds! 

He was in a pile of downed trees in the middle of a pasture that is so wet it has 
not been planted yet, on a little-traveled road.  I was so lucky to see him. 

I was glad to see this guy, too! 

More tomorrow with the Heron and the Cow.  

I still have some pictures from Monday I haven't shown you, either. 
It's been a good week! 


  1. It looks like a grand time at the park. And I love your birds too.

  2. Hey, those are some REALLY GREAT bird pictures!!

  3. Saw a red headed woodpecker from the porch swing today. It came down to the ground twice and picked something up within 20 feet of me.

  4. You and your big camera are a great team!

  5. It has been a good week and a busy one here for me and going by very fast. I managed a little yard work yesterday as we had sunshine for a change and hope to do more today. Your pictures were great as always !

  6. We saw one of those water birds eating a huge fish. We didn't know how it didn't choke. Long skinny neck stretched around the fish going down.

    My Country was not friendly to other dogs either. She showed them lots of teeth.

  7. The woodpecker pictures are lovely. We have egrets around here. Anyone with a water feature and fish in their yard can tell you all about them :(

  8. You got some great shots! We especially like the woodpecker! Sorry but we barked at the squirrel.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. teddy's days of going to the dog park are long over. i sure wish she would still go.

  10. Awesome pictures of the red-headed woodpecker. I'm jealous of the variety of birds you get to see. I've never seen anything like that scissortail. I really enjoy your bird pictures.

  11. Wow Mary Ann,, you and your wonderful camera capture amazing photos for sure!


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