Sunday, May 22, 2016

Our Weekend

How can it be five days since I posted? 

I looked at Keith today and asked him where the days were going. 
To think we both worked full time, how did we get everything DONE? 

I will have Jax and Paiton this week; their school ended Thursday and 
there is a gap week before summer camp starts. 
So, Monday to Thursday, they will come here and help me. 
We are also expecting rain for five days now, so we will see 
how much we get done around here. 

This is what happened on Thursday night, the first regular season game of the season for the Kansas City Tbones, an independent league baseball team.  We have a half-season again, and 
are considered season ticket holders.  We changed our seats from our long term 
fifth row down behind home plate, to two accessible seats up on the concourse that are 
easier for Keith to access, and I LOVE THEM. 

There were actually about 5000 people there on a chilly night. 

We went again today, it was a beautiful day for a game at 1 PM. 
We had a great breeze and we are under the overhang, so, no sun. 

I had these guys on Friday, and they went to work at the Ag Hall with me. 
My sister in law came to get them with her grandsons at noon, and 
went to get pizza, and then stayed for them to have some playtime. 

I cannot tell a lie, I'm bragging about Jaxton.  He got the 
MVP for the first game of their tournament this weekend. 
I have had five baseball games in four days! 

He pitched for the first time, and did a good job.  He wears that 
cap with elan! 

Yes, I took some nature pictures. 

In the field where I saw the egret last week, I saw some geese eating. 

Look what was with them! 

This was a white fronted goose, which I have not seen here before. 
It leads me to believe the Canadians were travelers, and not local 
residents, there were only about six, including the white-fronted. 

That same day, this dickcissel posed for me in the grass.

An eastern kingbird sat on our fence that evening... 

Along with this robin. 

I did not know that house finches liked grape jelly! 

They are competing with the orioles for it. 

It think this might be an immature Baltimore. 

They like the sugar water as well as the hummers! 


  1. Looks like fun. Hope you had some peanuts and cracker jacks
    Lily & Edward

  2. we need to get some feeders out cos we saw an Baltimore over the weekend, cute kids, I know they are keeping you busy.
    stellie rose

  3. I thought maybe the last one was a towhee.

  4. they are sweet sitting together. Good job Jax!

  5. Looks like you have found the perfect way to spend all that time!

  6. You had a fun packed weekend for sure!

  7. If I had to name my favorite sport it would be baseball. Glad you have so many opportunities to enjoy it there. Sounds like a very busy week ahead for you but full of fun too. It's to be a beautiful day here but we do have rain coming our way through the weekend.


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