Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Are You Sick of Birds, Yet???

Gosh, I promise I'll get a few other subjects in quickly. 

I just have some more bird pictures to share! 

Ooops... Not a deer. 

These ladies crossed in front of us yesterday morning... no, Sunday morning on 
my way to church. 

Shot through the windshield, so blurry. 

They don't always jump. 

Can you see them watching me from the pasture before they turned to go? 

I jumped out of the car at the bluffs to snap a picture, I am trying to take at least one picture a week there. 

Then I saw something wondrous, but I could only shoot it through the windshield.  I had to pull out on a horribly busy road to get it, and by a miracle, no one was coming from either direction. 
This is a scissortail flycatcher, I just do not see them very often.  He posed for me, almost. 

But of course, shooting through the windshield just did not get a clear picture. 
I'm stalking him now. 

I saw something move away back behind the big ditch. 

There they are a little closer.  Three geese in the weedy pasture. 
It was just... strange. 

I guess I expected to see turkeys that usually hang out there. 

Oh, wait, I did see some around the corner.

I have seen a large group of goldfinches at the park lately. 
I was lucky to have the camera close by on Sunday and got their pictures.

So, look whom is visiting our feeder on the back deck! I did not have it 
ready for orioles, though. 

He kept trying to find a way to get some sugar water. 

By the time his missus came by, I had some jelly out for them. 

I looked at an oriole feeder yesterday, by the way... and decided I could serve the purpose by 
the jelly dish.  I also removed a bee guard or two.  
However, tonight, I added another dish of the size above, full of sugar water, 
and cut an orange in two and put them all on the railing. 

She appreciated it! 


  1. Fantastic pictures.

    Thanks for feeding the beauties.

    I see the water is still muddy and a little high. If I were there, you could not peel me from that spot on Stranger Creek...did I get the name right?

  2. Such lovely pictures ! Enjoyed them all and never tire of seeing another bird picture !

  3. I got tickled yesterday when I came home. There was a Red Bird in the bird bath having him a big time. Finally saw several other birds stop by for a drink too.

  4. We don't get orioles and flycatchers here; such a treat to see your photos!

  5. Never seen an oriole here in southern California. Beautiful bird!

  6. We had orioles nest in a big elm down at the farm. When the elm died,that was the last of us seeing orioles.

  7. We loved that weird bird in the field, we told our dad about the jelly on the deck thing and he glared at mom...he has turned into such a glarer. stella rose

  8. Wow, you sure have some great birds! Being such a barren state we don't have many great birds.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. Oh those birds are beautiful. We have the goldfinch birds, but not the orange ones.


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