Thursday, May 21, 2015

Officially Embarassed

Okay, I'm officially embarassed now. 

Yesterday, I showed you a picture of Keith at his retirement luncheon. 

The way I wrote the post, it appeared that Keith will be applying for the assistant fire chief of Fairmount Township. 


I worded that all wrong. 

Keith is on home dialysis now, but is tied to the house doing an "exchange" four times a day.  Because of this and because his hemodialysis was taking so much out of him, he 
decided to retire. 

His boss asked him to please help them with a project (with which he is 
very familiar) for the next six months or so... he is going to, because he can 
make short trips to Topeka to help, and also do part of it at home. 

The Emergency Manager is also the Fire chief at 
Fairmount Township, and he asked Keith to INTERVIEW 
the candidates for Assistant Fire Chief.  
Keith is interviewing the possible new assistants, he cannot 
work as a fireman. 

Now, I hope I got it straight for everyone!  

This cardinal looks pretty upset with the hairy woodpecker! 

Two minutes later, the male Orchard Oriole was there! 

He is such a beauty! 

I backed up to take this picture.  It was VERY intent on something. 

I had to go by and check on the hawk's nest. 

I don't know if this was one of the parents, but 
it was a beauty in the sunlight. 

You are going to have to look closely to see this baby, he is so well-camouflaged. 

And yes, it is a baby... I could see his barred tail in numerous other pictures.  They are 
just about big enough to leave the nest... and will hang around for another year with their parents feeding them. 

On April 13th, I showed you these horses laying down in the field next to their house, I referred to them as "Dead" horses. 

They were sleeping.  The next day, I showed them standing up. 

Unfortunately, the second bay is not in this picture. 

Tonight, coming down the road... 
I saw a trailer in the yard, next to the corral. 

To my dismay, I saw one of the bays... the owner had him on a lead... 
he was on THREE legs!  The fourth, the off rear, was held up and 
at an angle, and he could not bear weight on it. 

It looked awful. 

After we went to the old place to do chores, and returned... the trailer was gone. 
There are several fine horse vets here in Leavenworth county, and I am 
praying one of them has this horse in hand tonight.  I am not sure if it was 
the bay in the above picture, or the other, I was so dismayed. 

The female red bellied woodpecker came along just as we were leaving. 

It was a glorious day... 
but we are now expecting rain for the holiday weekend. 

It will water in the new plants very well! 

It was a banner day at the henhouse! 


  1. Unfortunately if the leg was broken, there isn't anything that can be done for it. But if that was the case, it would have been much more humane to put it down on site than to haul it anywhere.... :-(

  2. your photos are beautiful Mary Ann,,,
    the poor horse!

  3. Fingers crossed for that bay horse. And I'm glad you clarified about Keith -- I had it wrong too.

  4. Still and all it does sound as if your hubby will be keeping busy helping out. It's great there are things he can do. Your suet feeder is a popular place for the birds around there. I keep watching mine to see what comes, I haven't seen a wood pecker for awhile now, it seems the starlings have taken over. I hope the leave soon, scaring everyone else away. Hope you have a fantastic Friday !

  5. You've got some beautiful bird shots, there! I love their bright colors!

  6. I'm hoping he is getting good treatment. When Jolie kicked thru the back of the barn, she nearly severed her hoof off. If you'd ask me her chances of surviving that night and if she did would she be sound I would have answered "NO" to both questions.

    Vets can do some amazing work with our critters.

    Happy long weekend.

  7. Yep we misunderstood that for sure, just like we thought one of those horses were really dead in your pictures...apparently our mom thinks very rose

  8. Mary Ann,

    No worries girlfriend, I'm just pleased Keith has something to keep him preoccupied.......this way he doesn't dwell on having the dialysis.

    Love the animal pictures!!!

  9. Got it.
    Have a nice holiday weekend.
    School is out for the summer! Woohoo!!

    M :)


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