Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

Why it started.  

We need to remember it's not all about picnics. 

Though, to be fair, I was stunned and gladdened by the wonderful 
sentiments expressed on Facebook today. 

This gosling seemed to be telling me to GET LOST. 

See the raindrops on the big pond?  It was raining steadily when the dogs and I went out to do chores. 

It cleared up pretty quickly, and this bright eyed swallow watched me as I took 
pictures of the hawklets. 

Here they are together in the nest, they are so big now that it is 
hard to get their faces. Remember, they are a long way off the road. 

I never found anything beyond the one feather of the little rooster. 
There are no gaps in the fence, and, since the 9 hens have eaten a lot of the vegetation on this side, 
tomorrow, I'll open them up to the other side. 

I used to have a proper door in this yard.  Now, it's a roll of garden fencing.  That's the little red hen house yard. 

You can barely see the little red hen house.  I'm not going to open it up, 
it is very difficult to get eggs from it. 

Speaking of eggs... I got only 2 eggs from 11 hens today!  ARGHHHH! 

The two brahmas are still very lonely in their big hen spa yard. 

They are still so wary of me, that I  am not trying to catch them.  

One day this week, I'll move them over with the other girls. 

Troy cut all the grass today between our morning visit and this evening. 

I think this must have rattled the red birds, because I got only ONE egg from nine birds. 

This is their normal demeanor when I come into the yard, they flee for the far side. 

However.... this afternoon, I had goodies... and I put them in a bowl close to their food bowl, and lo and behold... they cautiously approached while I was still in the yard, so... we are making progress little by little. 

I caught this guy in a flooded farm pond on the way home. 

Yes, I made another trip, too, to see my mom and dad... 

The crush in the cemetery was terrible... so next year, I'll be going before 
the "holiday".  Why are the flowers on the side? 

Because Grandma Nellie Mahoney Trehey is on that side. 

I stopped to see my brother Mike, too, on the way home... our little 
sister is four hours away, too far for me to drive alone now, and 
Keith cannot go so long without a dialysis. 

It struck me that Keith and I are to be buried in the National Cemetery 
at Leavenworth (not on post)... and when I am gone, no one
will go to this grave, or those of my Peterson grandparents, and 
Peterson aunts and uncles.  My dad died when my nieces and 
nephews (and oldest son) were either babies, or not born. 
Only one of my boys was there when my mother was buried... 
so... my brother Pete is too ill with dementia to ever go again. 

Time marches on, friends. 

I am the only one that goes to the old family graves 
in Tonganoxie. 

When I am gone, that's it. 

My dad fought in World War II, a naval officer. 

I'm still so proud of him, and of Keith, who gave 24 years in 
his country's service, and all those who have fought or are still fighting. 

Thank you! 


  1. This is the first time ever that my wife and I didn't visit the graves. We'd had a rough week and just needed to tie up loose ends and rest. I hope it doen't get to be the norm with us.

  2. Thank everyone for serving.

    Wonderful tribute.

  3. I went to put flowers on the family grave sites here early last week and already many had been out to decorate. Like you , I wonder who will do it when my sisters and I are gone. We are the older generation now, whether or not we want to be. Time does roll on. We had a very windy day with no rain here yesterday and today is cloudy so I'm hoping we get some. It's starting to get very dry here and we need it. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday !

  4. Time does keep on marching by doesn't it? We had BIG rains Saturday, Sunday and again last night. Everything is a sloppy mess.

  5. My sister and I know when we're gone, all the family graves won't be visited. At best, her daughter might visit the immediate family she knew. We decorated graves Saturday under light sprinkling. The clouds opened up on the trip home, though.

  6. Your observation that no one will visit these graves when you are gone choked me up; aren't we thankful that God keeps watch over His children and will wake them all on Resurrection Morning? He never forgets!

  7. Beautiful flowers.
    Thanks for serving Keith,

  8. Mary Ann,

    Beautiful tribute! Thank you Keith for your service.
    God Bless your Dad for his service.

    P.S. OMG.....those hawks are BIG!!!


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