Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Catch the Scissortail Flycatcher!

This is the bird I have been trying to photograph for two weeks! 

On my way home from church tonight, I came across country, and as 
I came down this road, I could not believe my luck. 

I saw it first up on the electric line, but it soon flew down to 
the fence line. 

It made my day! 

Our beautiful girl ran down in the pasture this morning, and came back wet and covered with hundreds of seeds. 

The iris show is nearly over at the old house. 

There is still a lot of water in the creeks around here, but we are supposedly going to have about 4 days of sun! 

I just know this is a turtle.  I didn't go closer. 

I did not get good pictures of this, but the hawk was eating something.  His head is curled down, he was pulling it apart, it was held between his talons.

He was not happy, and quickly....

Flew away! 

We are about to have a drying out period... and I am hoping our neighbors in Oklahoma and Texas experience the same blessing. 

Maybe I'll get the grass cut!  


  1. We have a pair of the smaller fly-catchers that build a nest on our porch every year. I used to try to keep them torn down, but they were so persitant that I finally gave up and now just tolerate their mess.

  2. Frame that first pic...SERIOUSLY!

  3. Looking forward to some sun!

    Hope it helps my mood.

    Great pics.

    M : )

  4. I've never seen a scissortail flycatcher in person, so I'm glad you could show it to us!

  5. I guess your rain has moved up our way here in Ohio. Lots of rain yesterday and looks like more today ! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday !

  6. You always capture the birds so well. The scissor tail is so sweet. I hope the grass hasn't gotten away from you. It grows so fast in the rain!.

  7. I'm glad the hubby got most of ours cut Friday afternoon. Otherwise, with all the heavy rains we had it'd be a week till it dries out.

  8. Mom cannot believe you can get that close to those birds for the pictures, hope Lily got all dried off and cleanedup....she is such a dolly face.
    stella rose

  9. Great photo of the flycatcher!! You did it! We love that beautiful creek photo too


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