Friday, May 29, 2015

A Soggy Week

I'm afraid to say 
"When will it ever end?" for fear of 
having the kind of weather our Texas and Oklahoma friends are 
having.  A good friend, Lorie, sent me pictures of her street 
underwater today!  So far, none of my immediate friends has suffered 
hardships, but it is all around them and their lives are affected. 

Still praying! 

Can you see the hawklet flapping his now large wings
in the tree above the nest?  Both of them are up and moving 
around in the tree... they may have flown today. 

They won't go far, as mom and dad will keep feeding them. 

Here's a mature hawk taking off last night.  I had to fiddle with 
the picture bedause the light was so bad. 

And we go from the big birds to two tiny visitors !

Today was spent at my "job"... at the National Agricultural Center... 
and even though it rained rather steadily all day, our General Factotum, 
Ray, (also the beekeeper) obliged these adults and kids (in the back) with two 
spins around the track. 

Toot! Toot! 
There they go!  

That's an original depot building that was donated to the Ag Hall.... and is going to be re-painted this summer by members of a model train club who will be moving their displays into it's basement. 
They will also have a large model train that runs in and out of the back of the building (non-rideable). 

The baby geese are getting so big!  

Don't they look like delicate, tiny little dancers? 

I saw this beautiful alligator turtle on the way home.  If I had had a shovel, I would have helped it across the gravel road.  I pray it made it.  Last week, I saw a dead female in the same spot, and she had been full of eggs.  I tried to nudge it on it's way, but I frankly did not want to get bitten. 

I'm hoping that no one deliberately hit it. 

Tomorrow I am helping again at the Ag Hall, as they were 
short of volunteers.  I have met the nicest people there! 


  1. I think you need to keep a short-handled shovel in your vehicle, as many of these as you have opportunity to help!

  2. Keep a good strong stick in your vehicle. Snappers will gladly bite the stick. You can then slowly pull them off the road.

    I'd been watching a video feed of baby hummers. Even saw an adult feed them once. However, I didn't get to see them leave the nest :(

  3. We are so happy you love helping out at the Ag hall... It looks so interesting!
    Fabulous photos,,,, its too bad that barriers of some sort cant be created to keep the turtles from crossing the road! Why do they need to cross the road anyway!
    Beautiful hawk!

  4. Hmm I don't remember the Ag center having a train even big kids could ride. How cool! Lovely pictures, as always.

  5. I'd say you have an interesting and fun place to volunteer. We certainly can't complain about the weather when we see the devastation others have had for sure. Hope you have a good Saturday. It is overcast here.

  6. Great pictures Mary Ann. I told the hubby if it didn't quit raining we would have to reserve hay from our old hay guy. Cause we can't get ours cut.


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