Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abby Here

Abby here, my mom is typing this for me.
My mom and dad tell me that my little sister Gertie is gone away to a place called the Rainbow Bridge.  I don't understand this, because I can still smell her everywhere here in our house.  I smell her on our beds, and on my mom and dad's bed especially, and I smell her on the toys and on the rug everywhere because she could never go outside. 
I smell her on mom and dad's coats, too... and Ranger and Lilly don't seem to know where she is, either.
We're all lonely for her. 
If you see her, will you tell her we miss her?



  1. Hi Abby,

    I felt the same way when Yoda went to the Rainbow Bridge too. I still miss him lots and I know my mom and dad do too.

    Hugs to you and your mom & dad. I will say a prayer to Yoda and ask him to take care of Gertie on the bridge.

    Pugs & Kisses,


  2. Dear Abby
    I know you are all so confused and sad.

    This I do know is that Gertie is being held by angels at the Rainbow Bridge.. and she is blowing kissys down to you.

  3. Dear Abby,
    I'm so sorry that you are sad. I wish i could kiss you and make the hurt go away. But you have a very important job to do now, Abby. You have to take care of Mom and Dad and snuggle close to them because you can help them more than anyone else. And they'll hold you close and together you will all honor Gertie's life there. At first when you sense Gertie close it will hurt but some day it will bring smiles of sweet remembrance of her.

    A lot of people are thinking of you, Abby. A kiss to you,
    Your friend Dewena

  4. Dear Mary Ann,
    The above comment was for Abby but this one is for you. I spent the last hour reading your blog of 2009. I feel as if I know you even better now after learning more of the heart you have for every creature on your farm. There is a lot of joy and reward on a farm like yours, but obviously there is sometimes heartbreak too. I cried for the beautiful Lacey and for little gray Nicky (have I spelled that right?). But they were all so lucky to have you and your husband and your grandson taking care of them. The beautiful Toulouse geese, how I used to want them. And llamas, wanted them too. Now I'm too old but it has been fun visiting yours there. I will have to read the other years of your blog to find out what happens next. And the Buff Orpintons (probably misspelled that!), in one of the many novels I've written--not published!--those chickens play a major roll and I researched and researched them and their introduction into the U.S.

    I know there is not much anyone can say to help your hurt. We both know that it hurts as long as it hurts, and that's a long time. And they're worth the hurting, aren't they? Now that Christmas is over I have had more time to think of our Penelope and it hurts a lot, but maybe we owe them that. Take care,

  5. Scientists used to tell us that animals have no emotions. That proves that you can't believe anything a scientist says.

  6. Oh Baby, she is safe and enjoying her time at Rainbow Bridge....My heart breaks for you, Hugs Francine.

  7. Dear Abby:
    I have been thinking about your post all morning and wanted to wait to send one back till I had the right words to help you through your loss, but then I realized I might never have the "right" words so I am just going to send you words from my heart. I know exactly how you are feeling now. My face looked just like yours when I realized Sammer was never coming back to our house. I was and still sometimes am mad at him for jumping out of moms arms and then getting hit in the fog. My momma was very worried about me cos i stopped her and Dad decided to bring maggie home to help us all heal. Sometimes i see sammer in the things that maggie does, and sometimes I play bitey face with her. But Abby deep down inside I am still missing my little brother. Sometimes I look for him, in the house, and our toys, and our bed, and I even tried to find his footprints in the snow last week. I know he is at the bridge waiting on us, but knowing it doesn't help with the pain of the loss. I am sure in time it will lesson,I guess we will see. I know your parents love you alot, and they are also dealing with the loss so let them hug you, and baby you, and give them lots of love back. I think that is how we heal the cracks in our by love. Please talk to me anytime you need to, I will always listen to you.
    Your friend Stella Rose

  8. Oh no! I got behind on blogging over the holiday, so I've just read about your loss. I am so sorry.

  9. Oh, this breaks my heart cause she looks so sad.

    I'm so sorry. I know how much she meant to all of you.


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