Thursday, July 19, 2012


I know everyone is sick about hearing of the heat, since you are all going through it yourselves.  So, here's what's going on besides heat stuff....

Hey, we're just hangin' out here watching the world go by!

Wait!  What's that over there?

Let's all go see!

(And that's just how they act... like little kids!)

Here is Annabelle the Turkette in the corner of the barn tonight.  It was actually dark, and the flash lit up the corner.  She was on a turkey egg and three hen's eggs.  I'm not sure if the turkey egg was hers or Clara's, since I let Clarabelle out this morning.  We just went out and checked, and Anna is still in the barn, so we locked the henyard up and I'm praying nothing smells or sees her tonight.  (Yes, I worry more with Tony out of the pasture).

Speaking of the llamas... they are doing fine in their new home with Renee and Brian.  Renee is much cuddlier with them than I was, and has been kicked by Tony already, so she is straightening him out in short shrift.  They have been sheared and had their feet trimmed, and have fans for their comfort during this hot summer, though they are about 200 miles farther east and north from us.

And work is continuing apace on the new henhouse.  Keith thinks I'll be able to call the fencing company in about two weeks... once the fence is up the final things will go in... nest boxes, roosts... and a brooder cage to use in the spring.  We'll also need an isolation box too, our nursing cage has come in handy so many times in the big henhouse. 

BTW... have the reading lists disappeared off your blogs?  My reading list of blogs to which I subscribe seems to be gone from my blog... not the featured blogs, but the many, many blogs I like to try to keep up with... they just seem to have vanished!


  1. we finally got some relief from the heat by getting rain the past few days

  2. Those chickys do look like little kids checking things out.
    My reading list disappeared a couple time (i think) but then came back. I am not sure why it happened.
    Once I think I had the wrong log on and password, and it showed that I followed no one.
    I think what is happening to you- happened to Kim at Golden Pines once. And I have heard others say it too.
    I hope it comes back for you

  3. Good action shots of the hens. I haven't noticed my list disappearing.

  4. The antics of those chickens always makes me smile :)
    Such little busybodies, flitting about in a constant panic !
    The new henhouse is looking wonderful, can't wait to see the finished masterpiece...
    I'm on the old blogger template, sadly half of my gadgets no longer work :(


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