Saturday, July 28, 2012

We Pause for the Opening Ceremony

I admit it, I was glued to the tv with the pugs, watching the opening rites.  They were kind of humbledy-jumbledy, weren't they?

Huh?  Whassis??????


  1. Unimpressed with the beginning! We're not there for a British History lesson. Loved the 3 min. clip with the Queen, loved having the old and new athletes with torches, loved the bikers as doves, loved seeing the Queen picking her fingers while her Team entered the stadium :-}}

  2. Thought the whole thing very good. Getting the idea, that the Queen jumped out of an aircraft to parachute down was cool! Although they did use a stunt double and some careful filming!

  3. I think it was far too much.. it became confusing. I couldnt keep up with it all.
    I was dissapointed.

  4. Sorry, didn't watch any of it.


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