Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last, but Definitely Not Least....

Samantha, our African goose, former mate of Timmy the Gander, has decided finally to set her eggs. An estimated thirty are under her, but some are more than a month old, and were laid before Tim was killed by the coyotes. Will they hatch? Were they fertile? I have never been sure, never having seen Tim breed her.... but have seen the Ship the Toulouse breeding the Toulouse geese. I'll let her set the next three weeks and we will see what happens in the pasture... will we get a gaggle of goslings? Some would be sure to be Tim's, making our big gander live on. We shall see... but for right now, she is tucked into the high grass, covering her eggs as best as she can. Not even Beau's presence in the pasture got her up... so I know she is serious about her job.

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