Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Coyotes Attack

Brandon saved the day with his heroics! He and his friends were sitting around the burn pit burning some lumber and talking, when they heard coyotes in the pasture. Off they went with a flashlight and some big branches, chasing the wild canines down the slope and out of the pasture. They were twenty feet from the pond and my scared waterfowl, who are not safe there because the pond is so small and shallow. Tonight I sit on the computer, window open, listening to be sure that nothing is happening in the pasture. I count on the coyotes to announce their coming with a chorus of yips to keep contact with each other, but also to give themselves away. I am prepared to rush to our pet's defense again!

Over the holiday weekend, a friend brought a newly nursing mother and her one month old filly foal to stay with us for the summer, on the lush green grass at Calamity Acres. The Old Gentleman has a friend again, though they are on opposite sides of the fence for safety's sake. Sierra, the half mustang/quarterhorse and her filly Josie, are on the pasture side, while Beau stands near them in the yard, hesitant to come to his feeding bowl for his daily food. He grazes a little (it falls out of his mouth) but mostly just stands where he can breathe in Her presense. We have laughed about it these last three days, but he is quite stalwart in his admiration. He looks like a tiny ragamuffin next to the big white mare that is his Roxanne.

Our yard is shaping up to be very good looking for this summer season, and we have begun making plans for a picnic in late summer, after baseball camps and some building have been done. It will be a pleasure to have family and friends over for fun, games and good food.

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