Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

No, I didn't dress the dogs up in costumes, though Facebook is filled with them today.  

I didn't dress the goats up, either! 

Here's Queen Delilah, trying to batter her way through the front door this afternoon, to get to the Place from Whence the Ritz Crackers Come. 

Let me tell you something... that is one strong goat. 

While a half an hour later, Winnie was quietly chewing her cud in the porch chair.  Windy was next to her, Kelly up on the beverage cooler... and Delilah on the straw bale.  They don't know it, but I'm leaving shortly to go deliver Halloween treats... so I am putting them in their pen early today. 

Keith's girls and their families get a bucket o'candy, and a tin of cookies. 

Same for my Jim and his. 

Our big boy was happy to get a peanut butter treat. 

The chickens are a blur coming out of the henspa into the yard.  So happy, every day!

And here's another little happy face... little Jace showing Grandma Mary Ann the beautiful pumpkins they carved over the weekend.  Oops!!!!

Pictures in costume to come tomorrow, I had to drop off cookies and candy before everyone was ready. 

Have a safe and Happy Halloween, everyone! 


  1. it looks like a happy halloween group at your place. hand out those ritz cracker treats! what is it with goats and ritz crackers?

  2. Mary Ann,

    Hurry up Mom with those Ritz crackers or I will take the door down, lol

    Enjoy your kids, grand kids, and have a Happy Halloween :-)

  3. All "your kids" are so cute!

    Enjoy your Halloween.

    M : )

  4. Looks like the goats will be enjoying the jack o lanterns tomorrow.

  5. You didn't dress up! We do like your chair, BOL

  6. Looks like a HAPPY Halloween at your house. It rained and rained here. Turn out for trick or treat was very low this year.

  7. Too funny -- that last pic -- "She actually locked us up -- and she's leaving!"

  8. So cute, it looks so nice today.

  9. Uh oh, love the pumpkins. One didn't make it thru halloween though did it.

  10. The cookies look delicious and the pictures are so sweet!


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