Thursday, October 17, 2013


For many years, I was the performance house manager for arts organizations in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. 

I took my job seriously, even though it was part time, and about the second year, I began carrying jumper cables so I could help people during the winter. 

I gave probably twenty jump starts to people after I had locked the theater up at night, until one night, a friend said
"And what happens if you blow someone's car up?"

He had a point. 

After that, if a woman came to the door while I was locking up to tell me she needed help, I gave her this advice: 

"Go back out there and raise your hood and then stand there looking pitiful, and I guarantee someone will jump you". 

I would then promise to come around to the parking lot to check on her and help her. 

It worked EVERY time. 

So, today, I did something like that myself. 

I took Keith's drill down to the hardware store and asked for help. 
You see, I wanted to fix something. 
I knew I could do it, I used to do this stuff all the time at the old Calamity Acres. 

I got the screws I needed and came home. 

Here is the broken thing: 

(Ignore my stylish sneaker) 

The ramp fell a month ago.  These were the four screws that held it, and I am sure it gave way because of the goats going up and down it.  It was designed for chickens.  Oh... there might have been some very heavy turkeys on it, too, over the years. 

I thought ... "Oh, no problem, I'll just back those screws out of there". 

I had to hand loosen them.  I could not get the one on the left, no matter what, it was frozen. 

The ramp fit to the right of the frozen screw, which is still there, but now the ramp is back on.  I don't know how long it will last, but Buffy can now come outside with the others. 

Goats are no longer allowed in the henyards, and the turkeys live down the road now, so maybe this will last for a while. 

I haven't used the drill in dog's years... since I was at the old Calamity Acres, so I'm feeling empowered! 

My helpers were hanging around. 

And stopped to have a treat on the porch (a Ritz cracker split three ways)

(Kelly will let us pet him now!) 

This is the middle of the only watermelon that looked big enough to cut.  It tasted okay, even though it had gone by.  

I am growing icebox sized melons again next year, but in the ground. 

And earlier. 

The others on the vine are going to be cut and given to the chickens. 

When I got up this morning, it was 37 degrees out! 

The portulaca was about killed, but the angelonia and geranium were still going strong. 


I repotted all the (three) geraniums, and they are coming inside for the winter.  I told Keith I had gone to an estate sale one time, and the lady who passed away had had a 40 year old geranium that was for sale! 
They are getting so expensive now that I am going to try to keep these going and take cuttings of them. 
They are coming in tonight. 

Some late mums have now begun blooming in the north bed, following those in the south bed which started a month ago.  There is one more bush to go, you can see the buds... it's a white. 

The big buddleia is blooming again, too, you can just barely see the purple flowers in the background. It's going to get a HUGE prune this year. 

What's left of the decorations.  I have to laugh.  
They LOVE eating them. 

Oh, well. 

I could not whip the camera out of my pocket fast enough this morning to get the picture.  All three ducks lined up at the pophole, looking in, as if they had never seen the chicken house before.  Aflac was still looking, though she had moved back a little, in this picture.  They have never gone inside.  In another week, I'll have their winter quarters fixed up for them. 

And that's it for another perfect fall day from Calamity Acres!


  1. I love being able to do things all by myself. Your pictures are great as usual.
    stella rose's momma
    i sent you an email, i will check back later tonight.

  2. i wish i had better carpenter skills. sometimes i am good at things and sometimes not so much. it depends on the project. we are getting cold here too tonight!

  3. Its fall- and you still have beautful flowers blooming.
    Mommy tries to fix stuff with the 100 year old farm house- but now moms say - may as not even try... I think you could come show moms how to be stong and take care of stuff-- thats what you do, You try!

  4. So glad that you were able to get the repair made.
    I'll bet it lasts a good, long time :)

    Cute critters, and such pretty flowers.

    Enjoy this beautiful time of year...


  5. Mary Ann,

    I love being able to repair things while my husband is away at work.
    The problem, some of the power tools are to heavy to hold and work at the same time.
    The ramp looks good, you did a great job.
    You little helpers are concentrating hard on their treat :-)

  6. So glad you got your repair job done! It's always a good feeling to do those things on our own. The goats looks so happy. I have a couple of geraniums I've had for three and four years. I need to give them a good trim for the winter.

  7. I like being able to do things for myself.

    But, I had to resort to asking the Redneck for help cranking my small generator. Turns out the needle in the carburetor was worn out and had to be replaced......


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