Sunday, October 27, 2013

Meet Delilah

Well, the surprise is here....

This is Delilah, a six year old pygmy doe.  She was living alone since her companion died and I saw her during the Kaw Valley Farm Tour.  I gave her maa maa my name and number if she ever wanted to rehome her... and Thursday, got a wonderful phone call from Nancy Thellman, of Juniper Hill Farms.  

I wrote about Juniper Hill here

Sorry for the picture, I was taking it on the fly.  If you notice, one of the little girls is on the fly as well... there is some pushing going on as Delilah settles in, but I am keeping an eye on them. 

There are some chickens trapped in there, so I am going out in a minute to straighten that out, too. 

I am absolutely blessed to be able to go out and work in weather like this. 

And our color is really showing now.  

What a pleasure to even do errands.  

I proclaim this The Last Snake of the Year. 
In the goat barn yesterday, and I suspect was very lethargic, because I shook the straw and he barely moved.  I hope he got somewhere warm, as it was 27 degrees this morning as I went out to do chores. 

The cold does not bother Donald and the intrepid duck girls. 

And I thought these petunias were goners, but LOOK! 

As you see, the basil is gone, but the parsley... good gosh. 

You cannot see them all here, but the Thellmans also gifted us with six beautiful hens.  I am leaving them in their crate until dark, and then will let them into the henspa, after the hens have gone to roost.  That way, they can find the water and feed, and find a good place to roost for the night. 
They are lovely hens... there is a little brassy back Old English gamebird girl in the back, you can just see her tail.  I'll get better pictures as I turn them loose tonight, and tomorrow morning. 

Of course, I had the help of Pug Power, the Assistant Protector of Us All. 

This was NOT supposed to happen.  While trying to get a rooster and two hens out of the goat yard, 
the babies escaped.  
It took all of 2 minutes for Delilah to figure out how to get out of the pasture and into the yard. 
I turned around, and there she was! 

I had just put the new chickens in the coop, and pulled the cage out.... and boom. 

Not even a Ritz cracker could get her back, she was too interested in the yard. 
Tomorrow, she can explore it, after Keith leaves for work. 

I finally put Lilly on a leash, and after Delilah threatened her a few times, she was happy to follow me back across the yard, and run into the pen (while Lilly looked around in the pasture).  They are all four out there now, getting ready for bed, I hope.  

I hope the babies don't have to sleep in the trough tonight! 

I'm hidin' in here, Maa Maa, so she can't find me!!!!

Thank you so much, Thellman Family, for these wonderful gifts to Calamity Acres! 
We hope you'll come see your babies anytime you would like! 


  1. We think you might need to sleep in the barn with all the goaties and chickies tonight to make sure everyone behaves and does not escape.
    The baby goat hiding is so cute in the trough!
    Delilah is pretty, and has horns!!! We did not know girl goats have horns,,,
    Oh tomorrow will be a real interesting day- when someone new wants to snoop around.
    Your day was beautiful- and so glad you get to enjoy it.
    Jack Frost was not so busy last night- was he?
    welcome Delilah!!

  2. It's a hopping place you have there! Enjoy.

    M :)

  3. The Thellmans knew a good home for their goat and hens when they saw (heard about) one! May they all live long and prosper. :-)

  4. Mom Kim here - oh I love Pygmy goats - I have never been close to any except at the zoo/petting area years ago. Are all of yours Pygmies? Delilah is so cute - wonder if my two Beagles, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta, would play with her like I have seen other dogs - does your Pug Power play with the goats? I love all your pictures of life on your farm. Yes, there would have been frost on the punkins' here this morning if I had them.
    Mom Kim, Shiloh'n Diva Shasta.

  5. Delilah is beautiful! What fun you'll have now. I'm so glad she has you for her new Maa.

    Mary Ann, Tammy posted a few minutes ago and there is a slight improvement! Thank you for your prayers!

  6. Mary Ann,

    What a nice surprise!!!! Delilah will fit in just fine, give her some time. And hens too, you go girl!!!! You are going to be very busy the next several days while everyone adjusts.

    Have a great evening and try to get some sleep tonight.

  7. Will be watching to see how the new residents adjust.
    Mother Nature really did give Kansas another nice Fall day, didn't she?

  8. How awesome is she? And the Fall color, sigh...I'm so jealous. Here everything goes from green to brown to no leaves to green again. So much for 'seasons'. ha.

    Stay warm (and snake free!)

  9. Delilah is a beauty. I loved my pygmy goats when I had them. I rehomed them because I bought a Saanen buck. I was too afraid he would be able to get to them and breed them. That would not be good. I expect Delilah will become the herd queen. Pygmies are feisty, but have great personalities. Those chickens look good too. I only have 3 hens left due to predators, but I have 7 pullets that hatched out this summer. Their heads are getting red, so I think they will be laying soon. Looking forward to that. I am keeping them in their pen now, since I was losing so many. They have a nice outside run, but I know they would rather free range. I keep telling them, it is the pen or supper for a fox, coyote, coon, hawk or owl. We have all of those predators. :( Have fun refereeing tomorrow. LOL

  10. what a great addition to the group. i'm sure they will all settle in soon.

  11. HEHEHE! You are addicted! Welcome to the club!

    Seriously, she's a beauty, and I love her name. My bet is on her becoming the queen, but I'm excited to see how it turns out.

  12. Hope all the newcomers made a good adjustment and appreciate their new home. It is a pretty time of year and you got some good pictures of the color there. It's been very cold this past week here. This week is to be a little warmer with some days in the 60's which is good as Thursday is trick or treat.

  13. The Thellman's know that they will have great homes. Very nice of them.

    I love Delilah, she's a cutie pie.

  14. Are little goats like potato chips and you can't have just one??? They are so cute, and we just loves that picture in the trough...that should go on our wall of fame as well as ab's. You could feel all the peace of your farm in all of your pictures...well... momma said not the snake one cos hers afraid of them.
    Stella Rose

  15. Congratulations on your newest family member!

  16. We have a couple sheep who LOVE to sleep in the old hay troughs. Must be a cozy, security thing :-).


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